What To Do With Old Refrigerator

What To Do With Old RefrigeratorTypically, fridges get moved from the kitchen to the garage. They nonetheless have a purpose. But, what happens when the refrigerator completely breaks down and stops working? Make it into an ice chest!

The first thing to do when getting ready to show a refrigerator into an ice chest is to remove all the equipment that make it work. Keep in mind, solely do that if the fridge is actually on its last leg. You will get far better use out of your previous fridge if it still works.

So if the refrigerator has no likelihood of working any longer, take away the evaporator cell and the evaporator fan. Then, take away the compressor and condenser fan. Remove shelving and any drawers. Remove no matter other pointless objects you may not want. The whole lot you take away makes it simpler to carry.


It depends upon what type of refrigerator you might have, however design is fairly easy. Let’s just think about we’re using an everyday fridge with a freezer on top. I’ve actually seen refrigerators being laid on their backs and that was that. In fact, it would not look that great. Think about having the ability to take a few extra dollars and make it look superior!

You wish to preserve the refrigerator door and freezer door intact. The seal that already exists will present a better seal than you can most likely make in your own. So, all it’s a must to do is figure out the best way to embellish your ice chest.

You can also make a simple design utilizing 2 2″ x 1/4″ slats per side. Ranging from one side, measure the center line working the length while the fridge is on its side. Then, measure the center line once more of the highest half and the underside half. Screw a slat in the size of the refrigerator on the highest half and the underside half. Use No. 3 screws within the middle of the slat after which six inches from every end.

Using 4″ x 1/four” slats lower the peak of the ice chest, screw them into the 2″ x 1/four” slats utilizing 2 No. three screws for the highest slat and a pair of No. three screws for the underside slat. Slats might be spaced right next to one another or with a 1/four” area between. Both sides, the top and the underside should be adorned in the identical manner. Then, do it once more for both doors.

Design is basically up to you! You possibly can wall paper the fridge or affix paneling if you want. Painting is all the time an choice or shopping for large decals that present the design you want. But, I believe my wooden concept supplies the perfect design option.


Pour ice in the ice chest and inventory stuffed with beer. Inventory a couple of sodas for individuals who don’t drink. At the least, that’s what we tell ourselves when we know the soda is definitely for mixed drinks.

You could have yourself an ice chest for parties. You may put it on your truck and take it tailgating with you. It additionally serves as an ideal cooler for tiki bars and barbecues. Whenever you take an outdated fridge and turn it into an ice chest, there isn’t any limit to what you are able to do with it.

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