What Is An Air Purifier

Air purifiers, also known as air conditioners, or air filters, come in many shapes and sizes, from mini air purifiers, which you can carry around in your car or hang round your neck that you can pick up for only a few bucks, to whole house air purifiers that are installed along with your AC unit that may cost up to a few thousand dollars. What Is An Air Purifier ?

Air purifiers in a nutshell clean the air in your house or office or in the case of the mini air conditioner the air in your car.

The main use of an Air filter would be to remove any airborne pollutants which may be in office or your house. Some of the more particles that could be targeted by an Air cleaner would be cigarette smoke, pet dander, plant pollen, dust and dust mites, odors and allergens.

Most high quality air purifiers use a filter referred to as the Hepa filter. These kinds of filters were initially developed from the 1940’s and may remove up to 99.7% of airborne pollutants on your room.

They also use Hepa filters such as biological research computer chip manufacturing and hospital laboratories to name a couple.

Some Air cleaners come with UV germicidal technology that kills any germs trapped in the filter, so this UV germicidal technology is exactly the technology used in hospitals to kill germs.

Most people who would buy an Air purifier would either suffer with respiratory difficulties, such as asthma, have allergic reactions like hay-fever from plant pollen or pets, live with pets or even cigarette smokers and want to eliminate the odors they create, or parents that have a fresh borne baby who wish to give their child the healthiest environment possible.

Possible causes of owning an air purification system in your house may be due to your home’s location. People who reside in cities or towns which rely on heavy business would definitely gain from coming home to a fresh air environment.

Not many air cleaners operate in the exact same way, there are various brands makes and models of air compressors with lots of using Hepa filters, although many others use what’s called Hepa Type air filters, the difference being that the Hepa Type don’t certify Hepa Quality with an independent test.

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies then your choice will lie with a device that concentrates on the main causes of allergies.

The sources that are more common are Pollen, Household Dust or Pet Dander.

Allergy symptoms would include,

• Itchy eyes

• Running nose

• Watery or dry eyes

• Some skin conditions include itchy or dry skin

It’s not uncommon for allergy sufferers have health issues compounded with asthma too; typically an asthmatic has some sort of medication at hand nevertheless having an air purifier this might be sufficient to decrease the continuous demand for medication because the repertory system is provided by clean and toxin free air.

You do not have to have any beneath lies or complicated medical conditions to gain from the use of air purifier methods if you do decide to use one over time you’ll notice things alter like better sleep patterns and a fresher feeling in the morning when you wake up.

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