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Vitamix 5200 Reviews

PROS / The cord wrap feature is nice for keeping your countertop clutter-free.

CONS / It is not dishwasher safe.

VERDICT / Other blenders outshine the Vitamix 5200 including ice crushing, on certain tasks, but it’s good at producing the texture for smoothies and new soup. Vitamix Blender Best Price

With stainless steel blades and its 64-ounce cup, the Vitamix 5200 blender provides countless ways that will help you prepare a range of foods. It can readily combine soft ingredients to make hummus, coleslaw or pesto, but it is equally up to the challenge of coffee beans. We discovered some weaknesses when analyzing this mod — it wasn’t great at crushing ice and other units were better at getting the soup into high temperatures — but this really is a fine choice for most tasks and it brought its place. If you would like to use your blender take a look at the Nutri Ninja Duo.

This blender tested well when we tried a range of recipes. As it came to creating berry smoothies, it had been near tops in quality and its own consistency. It did a fine job when we tested an almond butter recipe. The end result has been a nut butter that was smooth, lump-free and delicious, which is not necessarily what you get with poor blenders.

Our testing involved making a tomato soup, and also the Vitamix 5200 did wonderfully well. The soup was warm and smooth the way we expected it would be. The temperature was 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which has been a little lower than the merchandise that are top-ranked. However, the soup was still warm enough to warm us up.

This blender utilizes 1,380 watts of electricity. That’s a great deal of power crush, grind, mix, blend or to puree different foods. But blenders provide more power and create less noise.

It comes with a jar and 10 different speed settings are worked on by the engine. You don’t get a jar that is single-serve with this blender so that you have to wash out the significant pitcher.

1 thing you might want to assess is the room in your kitchen to make sure you’ve got somewhere to store this handsome but sizeable blender. It’s 20.5 inches tall, which can be greater than some normal kitchen cabinets.

This powerful blender is just one of the versions, so it’s disappointing that it isn’t safe cleaning in the dishwasher. You will need to hand it to wash. You can wash the blender and use a bottle brush to wash the blades to make things easier, but it would be better if it could go into the dishwasher.

This blender does not have flat controls which lay flush against the apparatus, which would give you a surface to clean. Instead, the controllers stick out and you’ll have to clean around them using a sponge or a soft cloth, and maybe even a toothpick occasionally.

You obtain a cord wrap attribute that may keep the cord out of the way and keep your kitchen counter tops free of clutter. This cord extends up to 6 feet in length, therefore having the capability to wrap it’s useful.

You obtain plenty of customer service support when you get this blender. You get a seven-year warranty for the device itself and another of the same length of the engine, which can be good policy. You can cover an extra three decades of security, if you want. You can call the company or email service staff with your worries in case you have issues. You do not have access to live chat.

Vitamix CIA 1363 Review
PROS / The long warranty inspires confidence that this will be a fantastic investment.

CONS / It does not include a single-serve jar, which means you need to wash the pitcher even in the event that you make one serving.

VERDICT / There are more powerful, higher-wattage blenders on the market, but this remains an adequate option that is good at creating fruit smoothies that are frozen.

Editor’s Note: This product was taken away from our contrast because it’s been discontinued. You can read our review below, but Top Ten Reviews is upgrading this product’s information.

Favored by the Culinary Institute of America, which prepares professional chefs, the Vitamix CIA 1363 may whip up, crush, puree, mix and blend smoothies, nut butters, soups and salsas. The versatile Vitamix CIA blender is one of the best blenders offered but doesn’t quite find its place with the very best of the best according to some weakness on ice crushing tests, the quantity of noise it produces and a relatively low closing temperature when making soup. Other blenders did a better job of mixing and heating in one step, although soup can be microwaved, needless to say.

Both Vitamix units we tested were good at making smoothies. This energetic machine turned out top-quality smoothies each time — and we used fruit. Somehow the Vitamix CIA faltered somewhat when it came to ice. Other blenders did a much better job of shredding ice, although it left some chunks behind from the ice evaluation, which isn’t the end of the planet.

It had a nice consistency, when we tried creating a tomato soup recipe inside this blender. The maximum temperature of our soup out of this blender was 145 degrees Fahrenheit, which was good but not terrific. The soup sexier was got by A few blenders .

This blender gives you 10 speed settings and zooms along on 1,491 watts, which means that you may adjust it as needed. There are now, although that’s an adequate amount of blending power. So you have to wash out the pitcher if you create a small amount of food you do not get a jar with this kitchen appliance.

This blender is somewhat noisy when it is currently going at high speed. If you plan to make an early morning smoothie with ice when the rest of your home is asleep, that sound level isn’t surprising, given its ability, but be prepared. It is more quiet at lower rates.

You also may have to think about storage issues with this blender, since it stands quite tall at 20.5 inches. It may not fit under your kitchen cabinets. Though you really do get a cord wrap, the cord gives you flexibility but can be a hassle at 6 feet long. This may clear up some room in your kitchen counter.

So you have to hand-wash blades, the jar and lid for all its virtues, this blender is not dishwasher safe. You also do not get controls which are flush. Instead, the controls protrude, and you’ll have to brush them around to find everything clean.

The manufacturer is going to be there with a few customer support that is nice if you do invest in this blender. You receive a free seven-year guarantee covering this appliance when it is bought by you, and you have the choice of paying for an extra three decades. The two-part seven-year guarantee covers both the blender itself and the engine, which usually means if anything goes wrong, you are covered.

It is possible to do this by phone or email, if you need to get in contact with the manufacturer. There’s no discussion on the business’s website. This blender also comes with an instructional DVD, manual and two recipe books, and that means you ought to not have any trouble operating it, nor should you run out of ideas for meals and beverages to prepare.

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