Uuni Pizza Oven Review

Uuni Pizza Oven ReviewWhat is the Uuni 2? Uuni Pizza Oven Review
Uuni 2 is an affordable, transportable wooden-fired pizza oven. It’s sufficiently big to prepare dinner a pizza (one after the other) and sufficiently small to go from garden to campsite. A clever new chimney design means it cooks better and smarter than its Kickstarted predecessor.

The oven is fuelled by wood pellets and is ready to prepare dinner (450°C) after just 10 minutes. Pizzas take just 2 minutes each to prepare dinner… and style delicious.

Uuni 2 – Design and Features
Uuni was a Kickstarter success story back in 2012. This self assembly wood-fired pizza oven is designed to be portable: not simply from your previous home to your new house however to a park, campsite or beach.

Uuni 2 improves on the unique’s design in plenty of ways. Most notably, it makes use of a tall chimney to draw air via the oven instead of a battery-powered fan. The opposite most visible improvement is that the oven now has a stainless steel end, not black. It seems to be superb.

Uuni 2 is powered with wood pellets, which it makes use of very efficiently. It takes just 10 minutes to warmth up to 450°C and may cook a pizza in 2 minutes. Conventional masonry wood-fired pizza ovens take hours to heat up, use far more gasoline and take up way more backyard space.

The design is brilliantly engineered and as it’s self meeting it’s much more reasonably priced than rival wood-fired pizza ovens. Word, though, that it’s solely big enough to cook one pizza at a time, whereas some bigger ovens can handle more than one and can even be used to bake bread.

Uuni 2 – What’s it like to use?
Unboxing Uuni 2, you’re immediately struck by the attention to detail. The branding is spot-on and as you add each bit the joy grows. The makers claim that it takes around 15 minutes to assemble. The pizza’s so shut, you may almost style it…

Its assembly directions are very visible, they appear to be a set of blueprints of the assembled oven, with numbered detail diagrams at the side. You do these steps in numerical order.

Every step is fairly small, however comprehending it sometimes takes thought. For instance, a few instances it’s unclear which way up they want a bolt to go, however at the least if you happen to look across at the principal blueprint picture you get a second viewpoint that helps clear this up. There’s additionally no express mention of the truth that it’s essential to peel off the protective plastic movie that’s covering all of the metallic as you go.

There’s no listing of the elements you need to discover within the field, however helpfully the diagrams of the nuts and bolts are life-size so it’s straightforward to inform which is which. The kit includes the whole lot you need, even a small spanner and hex key.

On take a look at, all of it slotted together very smoothly with just a few exceptions. One piece of the chimney had been bumped in transit, so it had a dent and a tab on the end needed to be unbent, and one pre-drilled hole within the steel (for the gasoline scoop) was too small for the screw and wanted drilling out earlier than assembly.

Assembly took over an hour, not the steered quarter-hour, but we weren’t rushing. General it was fun, not stressful. One thing to take pleasure in and get excited about reasonably than a tear-your-hair-out Ikea flatpack experience.

You gentle Uuni 2 by loading the grate with (food grade) wood pellets and both some firelighters or barbecue lighter fluid. Gentle it and slide it into the again of the oven immediately, before the wind blows out the flames.

Then load up the hopper (tube) above the grate with pellets. All through the cooking process it’s worthwhile to add a scoop of pellets every 5 minutes or so, to keep the hopper stuffed up half way. The pellets drop down as required to gas the fire.

Simply 10 minutes after lighting it’s time to cook. Uuni 2 comes with a steel pizza peel, on which you assemble your pizza earlier than sliding it into the oven. A sprinkling of semolina underneath the pizza helps it come off smoothly.

The pizza cooks rapidly however the oven’s definitely hotter at the back, so you might want to flip the pizza a few instances during the cooking process. A second peel (£14.50 at the time of writing) would be helpful for this, so you should utilize one to show and take away the pizza whilst you assemble your next pizza on the other. Uuni Pizza Oven Review

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