Perfect Aire Dehumidifier Reviews

Perfect Aire 3PAD70 70-Pint Electric Dehumidifier

Client Review
5.0 out of 5 starsWorks great!
ByMelissaon June 2, 2017
Style Name: 30-Pints|Verified Purchase
I bought this product because the previous one I had (different manufacturer) was remembered and because this one had the most constant reviews. I’ve had it almost two months now, and thus far I am very happy with it. I’ve set up to keep up a constant humidity level in my cellar, and it really does a fantastic job in keeping it dry even after 3 days of steady rain (with my old unit the walls could float a bit with that much rain). It’s pretty quiet when running, much quieter than my previous one. Perfect Aire Dehumidifier Reviews

I can not say anything about the drawer being hard to get out when complete (the only negative thing I found in all the reviews I read) because I use the drain hose attribute (hose itself not included). That I can say was simple to connect to the adapter bit provided with the device and it works.

4.0 from 5 starsThis dehumidifier Is the Best size for the little
ByMinervaon May 17, 2017
Style Name: 30-Pints|Verified Purchase
This dehumidifier is the perfect size for the small room that I keep in my tack and saddles. That is my personal challenge, although I have to figure out the timer feature! It works well and is reliable!

Really enjoy this dehumidifier – does an superb job in my …
ByPaton May 25, 2017
Design Name: 30-Pints|Verified Purchase
Really in my finished lower level – does an excellent job enjoy this dehumidifier 840 room. This is the one I have bought. The first one worked 24 / 7 for almost four decades, so it was time to purchase a brand new one.

This Unit Passes the Texas Test!
ByDave C.on May 27, 2017
Style Name: 70-Pints|Verified Purchase
I bought this dehumidifier in the autumn of 2016 and have just been able to put it. We live in Dallas and also my garage-workshop includes a window unit air conditioner that keeps it only bearable inside (approximately 80-82 degrees) during the summer months. The Perfect Aire was a bit more than I needed to spend, but I guessed you get what you pay for.

What a difference! This dehumidifier gave the boost it needed to the a/c unit. It is 92 degrees outside today, around 65% humidity, and my garage is cooler than our living room. In my garage!!!

Mine sets in the corner also contains a 1/2″ drain hose running through the outside wall so there’s absolutely not any reservoir to drain. I have also used this Perfect Aire throughout the gentle winter to dry things out on days. What a great investment. The sound is about like a refrigerator cycling; just a mild hum.

A humidifier but better options are offered
ByLMSVINE VOICEon November 8, 2015
Design Name: 50-Pints|Vine Customer Review of Free Product(What’s this?)
The humidity in my cellar is typically greater than 70 percent (levels above 60% promote the development of mold and mildew) therefore a dehumidifier is essential in our basement. It’s suggested to maintain humidity levels below 50 percent, to keep mold from growing. This unit has many of the same features as our other humidifier, a Frigidaire, but with a somewhat flimsier feel plus a bucket that needs to be forcibly wrestled back into place (unlike the Frigidaire which slides easily in and out). Both are energy star rated and have a digital humidity readout, 2 fan speeds, an adjustable humidstat, a washable filter, and the option for continuous pump actions. The Perfect Aire has a few more options such as temperature controller and a timer function but also a greater cost.

The directions on the Perfect Aire were reasonably clear (although operating a humidifier isn’t terribly hard). The device was packed and straightforward to set up. Once setup, I eliminated the bucket and recognized that it was hard to get back into position. The screen readout was intuitive. Its a good humidifier but not nearly as good as the Frigidaire which is presently running roughly 60 dollars cheaper. Then this is a serviceable dehumidifier it has not really blown me away, particularly in the price point should you will need the options.

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