Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

This Portable Air Conditioner Is Ideal For Spot Cooling Small Rooms Up To 200 Square Feet.
It Is Equipped With Four Casters That Allow For Easy Movement To The Spaces That Need Chilling, This Portable AC Unit Also Includes A Remote Control For Easy Temperature, Fan Speed And Timer Adjustments From Across The Room. A Quick-Install Window Kit Is Included For Exhausting The Unit Through Any Horizontal Or Vertical Opening Window. This Machine Boasts Two-Way Up/Down Air Deflection That Circulates Air Evenly To Eliminate Hot Spots, Providing Ample Airflow To Cool Spaces Up To 200 Sq.. Ft. This Portable Air Conditioner Offers Cooling, Dehumidify, Fan And Sleep Modes, Ideal For Home And Office Use. It Is Designed With Various Protection Functions Such As 24-Hour Programmable Timer, Auto Condensate Circle, Super Intelligent Temperature Sensor And Water-Full Control And Warning Etc.. Notice: This Item Comes Without Drain Hose. Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

Top customer testimonials
For cooler that is great!
ByAdriana on June 9, 2017
Verified Purchase
Fantastic price! This version far exceeds my expectations. It cools my entire 433 sq. ft. studio flat. Rather the management recorded in the window vent to not damage windows. Brilliant! With the wheels, it is not hard if necessary, if needed, to reposition the direction of the air flow in any way. I really do need to turn the TV up a tiny bit as it is on but it isn’t noisy. It’s a continuous noise that doesn’t disturb me. Great enough cost to buy a few for the two story home so as not to use the costly central.

ByLynne on May 18, 2017
Employed after I received it.
Firstly, the delivery is very fast, and it is packed.
The material is very good, extremely comfortable and stable once I touched it.
It has different styles and cool in the summer.
Merchandise and worth this cost.

Verified Purchase
Fantastic price! This model far exceeds my expectations. It cools my whole 433 sq. ft. studio flat. As opposed to using screws, the direction taped in the window vent. Brilliant! Together with the wheels, it’s not hard to reposition the path of the air flow in any direction if needed if necessary. I really do need to turn the TV up a little bit when it’s on but it is not noisy. It has a constant blowing noise that does not bother me at all. Great enough cost to buy several for my 3 bedroom two story home so as to not use the costly central.

3.0 from 5 stars Good, But Needs Thermostat Control
ByRetroRich on September 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
I overlooked that this unit does not have thermostat control. . .instead it’s a timer which you can set, till it has turned off and after the timer ends, the unit shuts off, but if you do not set the timer, this unit will run. In addition, do not enjoy the quantity of water this thing expels, you really have to observe the tray, which you need to put behind this unit to be able to grab the water, if you do not keep on top of it, you will have quite the mess. In general, for the price, blows fine and chilly, this particular unit, these are excellent for spot cooling, just like advertised. The exhaust hose is 6″ in diameter.

EdgeStar Extreme Cool 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – Silver
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5.0 out of 5 respite from the heat
Bylinph on May 3, 2017
My bedroom with picture windows is an oven from May to November here in Houston, despite installing blackout drapes. This air conditioner is a godsend. I am not even running it on high, but on moderate speed. I have also got a Vornado fan going to disperse the cool air. At last I could breathe again.

I also have a Global brand portable A/C, 10,000 BTUs. The Edgestar is superior in every single way. Quieter–a pleasant white noise, whereas the Global is so loud that it took me some time to have the ability to sleep. I wish the Global unit was an Edgestar too.

3.0 from 5 stars Window kind place makes a difference
ByMatt on June 4, 2017
Verified Purchase
Unit does a good job heating and is quite quiet. A package arrived in good shape with the unit.
Couple installation/ operational drawbacks – it needs to be near a window due to brief exhaust hose, and you can not adjust the path of this air coming out. The kit is only compatible with one included extension bit when installing vertically. So if you have horizontal slider windows such as me you’ll need to rig something to seal the window height that is complete.
Seller (Compact Appliance) decreased the cost by $20 a few days after I purchased, but would not credit me the difference when I asked.

3.0 from 5 stars Expected a better “trendy”
ByLaura Woodringon July 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
Strong construction. Packaging was a breeze I was impressed. Once you cut off the straps, the box lifted off entirely. Did not need to fight pulling it out. It cools, but maybe not a massive place. I have it installed in my bedroom because my area faces the west, So I receive the Austin, TX hot sun the majority of the day. I have blinds I shut around 1 pm. I set the thermostat to 72 plus it can cool down in the day to approximately 75. As explained later on in the day it does its job. Without having to get up from bed, I really like the remote, you can shut it down. Not disappointed, but anticipated it to cool down far better than it does. Setup was super easy, window mount no duct tape needed, fit cozy. A window ac unit dangling out is not tolerable, better than the esthetics from the exterior of the house. The window screen was removed by me after the first day, which seemed to help a little. Unit does sweat, although not in a manner that it drips onto the carpet.

How To Install Central Air Conditioner

Those who wants their house and live in tropical climate cool all year round should opt for house central air conditioners. These machines use ducts or pipes to distribute the cool and filtered air to segments and the various rooms in a construction. How To Install Central Air Conditioner

Systems are split using compressor and their condenser . And like all systems, it has.

In the majority of settlements where warmth will be a problem homes are designed to accommodate house conditioners that were central. Is this so you may ask? What happen to portable home conditioners, are they not good enough?

Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the latter, it is that house air conditioners offer one and benefits of that is their ability. They do this by drawing air into the pipes from different areas of the house, takes them prior to the atmosphere is re-routed back to segments of the home.

For all its benefits, you still will need to take a lot of factors into consideration before you get your home conditioner that is central. You need to work the level of cooling your house requires out and you must do this together with the size of the space uppermost in your mind.

However, what appears to be a limitation of dwelling central ACs is the fact that they require installation. This may be especially worrisome because homeowners can’t just call on any tech to do the setup, they need to consult with with an air-conditioning installation professional.

The easiest way to locate a competent technician is by checking the pages in the telephone directory that is local, this way you can locate. This means that you can also call to repair your air-conditioning unit it develops any fault.

However, in the event your search on the pages that are yellow yields no outcomes that are positive, and you’re currently having problems then your very best bet is to go online and check out sites that are related to their repairs and air conditioners. One of these can offer a solution to your issue.

Upgrading to a Central Air Conditioner Unit

Many people first start out with individual air conditioners and they find that these work for them for years. But the air conditioners begin to break down and as time goes on and new ones desire bought, you may feel as though it’s time. Sure, it is likely to cost you approximately three to five thousand dollars depending on your home’s size, however you won’t need to think about having to purchase window unit.

Some people are able to buy and set up the air conditioner by themselves. People need to have a professional come in to perform the job in order to make sure that it is done. One thing that you could do to save yourself a little money is to pour your cement slab. Take a look at air components; you are going to observe that they sit on a cement slab.

This keeps out of the dirt and the unit level. The installation service may achieve this for you but you’d save yourself a nice chunk of change in the event that you do it yourself. Make sure that you’re currently pouring a slab that is enough for your air conditioner and you will be ready to go.

When you’ve your central air conditioner unit in, you’ll have the ability to revel in the new view and to eliminate all of the window units. It’s not likely to be one that you are likely to regret while it can be a costly investment.

Rheem Air Conditioners Reviews

Central air conditioners offered by Rheem supply features when maximizing your problems and durable designs that can manage all of the weather harshness. These cooling apparatus features a SEER rating of up to 17. Rheem Air Conditioners Reviews

Rheem air conditioner controls their airflow to ensure that you’re comfortable and free from unwanted moisture that may produce mould.

Among the advantages to these home air conditioners are their Comfort Control2 System. This system provides 32 onboard diagnostics and fault background codes to help discover. It sends an alarm to the thermostat if it finds some severe difficulties.

A coat protects the coils of these air conditioners from some other elements. The components are made from steel, which helps them withstand harsh conditions and last quite a long time. The grilles are removable, allowing you to access inside parts. You are able to remove service panels for more access to the interior. Grilles are designed to protect the AC unit from any moisture, such as rain or snow, which might cause damage.

In case issues do arise, a unit replacement guarantee and a 10-year parts warranty are set up. A life unit warranty would be perfect, but the warranty is adequate.

Name: W Sander
Location: Miami, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied
Purchased a new combo unit in 2013, $4500 installed blower engine collapsed in 2015. . Components are coated 430 price Blower motor fails again in 2017 , I inform since it had been the problem, the atmosphere people to deliver a fan. They come on-site without a component and attempt to control a diagnosis fee, to tell me it is the blower engine ??!! They removed from my property and not paid since they did absolutely nothing… The quote is 430 when the blower motor is in warranty 5 decades or $1200 for from waranty problems. So I find the same blower engine on the internet and order it myself for $280.00 , and put in it. Since the dead blower in under warranty, I have requested room to get a replacement. . Lol they now tell me I must do to some trader ?? And cover. . Who is reading this… do yourself a big favor and with a Traine or some thing different . . Dont by Rheem they will only attempt to rip you off. . Awful company service, products that are bad.

Title: Elaine McClain
Location: Leesburg, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

“7 support calls on a brand new unit!!!”
We’d a/c men install a brand new unit as of July 31, 2017, we’ve had 7 service calls in the year. They come out to mend it and then it just quits working. They need to be the service company and we must have gotten a air conditioner. The previous time they were here I requested so that maybe a bit more knowledge would help them to call your customer help line. He told us he had no idea what we were talking about. Please, please, please follow up on this. I can not believe an inferior product could be manufactured by you, or have your merchandise is sold by a/c guys but do not know how to repair it. It getting warmer and is 82 degrees within this house. Please assist us.

Name: Tracey Pollack
Location: Boca Raton, FL

Satisfaction Rating:

1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

My air conditioner was set up on Nov 2011. I bought the house 1/2012. I know this cause I was informed by the inspector that the a/c was brand new. Over the first two years it stopped working. Call a man tells me it is the fine substitute. That is not the issue. Unit shut down again. Clean lines. Clean lines a time, replace capacitor, clean coilslines. Year to the day by the 1st capacitor replaced, come out another one is replaced by &. Two months later, after the 2nd capacitor was installed unit. Replace transformer. Unit still not working correctly. Rheem customer service sucks . . They will do anything to state it’s not the device. If I have to replace the device, I’ll make confident never ever to buy a rheem. Don’t just wander, run to another dealer . . There’s a reason they have such a low score.

Gree Air Conditioner Review

As a split system, all Gree ductless units are developed for software. This means that you set up and can deploy the programs whether as a single relaxation solution for an incorporated comfort system or one room in which units are installed in various room but may be controlled independently of each other. You’re free to mix and match the air handlers with any type of compressor, based on your preference. Free miniature split indoor units are available in the following designs unit floor and ceiling machine, ceiling cassette duct, and console. Gree Air Conditioner Review

Energy Efficiency Ratings

As an initiative to conserve lower greenhouse gas emissions, energy, and curve energy expenses governments make it compulsory for manufacturers to follow performance standard or the efficiency for appliances and most energy-using equipment which they produce. In the United States, the Department of Energy (DOE) regulates and sets those efficiency standards.
For air conditioners, the most important energy-efficiency evaluations to consider are the Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) and the Energy efficiency ratio (EER). For the heat pumps, the most important energy-efficiency ratings that you should be mindful about will be the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and Coefficient of Performance (COP).
Now, before we go into the facts about the energy-efficiency evaluations of Gree miniature breaks, it’s necessary for you to get a general idea what these ratings are all about and what are the present ratings for air conditioners. Take notice that air conditioners efficiency ratings help ascertain the performance of the system.
So, let’s begin with the definition and move comparing the SEER, EER, and HSPF of the Gree mini split modes.

Especially, SEER refers to the efficacy or functionality of a device in connection with the quantity of energy that it absorbs a certain period.
Technically, The quotient is the efficiency rating of your device. Here is how it looks like: Cooling output ÷ Total energy consumption in a given interval = SEER rating.
To provide you a better idea, let us say that there are two units that were used during the whole Summer period.
Currently, the DOE sets 14 SEER because the minimum benchmark rating from the Southeast region and Southwest area of the United States, which is clear because these areas are characteristically possessed a hot-humid and hot-dry weather. In the northern areas of the country, the minimum SEER is 13. What this variant shows is simple–that the minimal standard SEER is set depending on consideration to the climate differences among the areas.
By 2023, the Northern region is going to be mandated with a 14 SEER for units under or over 45,000 Btu/hr.

SEER of this Gree Mini Split Models

When it comes to SEER, the newest Gree mini split version Sapphire now rules, boasting of up to 41 SEER. Coming in close second is your long-time Gree mini split exemptions, both the Crown and Crown+, that although dethroned by Sapphire in this aspect, remains a jewel of a system, thanks to their 30.5 SEER. Are Terra using 27 SEER, Vireo+ with 23 SEER, and Neo with 22 SEER. The Gree models with the lowest SEER are Rio and Livo+ using 16 SEER.
Compared with other conventional technologies (and even with different mini split brands), however, the past two versions aren’t at all the least in regards to efficiency, particularly once you think about the fact that the current highest minimum benchmark SEER is pegged at 14. And remember that the SEER of most modern ACs ranges from 13-16, even though you can find systems using a 17 SEER.
Now, of course it is no brainer to ascertain what the most efficient models when you compare a great model with 41 or 30.5 SEER using some standard systems with 17 SEER. In the very least, we can fairly compare Rio or Livo+ using a 16 SEER together with say, another version with 17 SEER.
Strictly speaking, the version using a 17 SEER is of course. However, a 1 SEER difference is not likely to tell the entire story. In fact, it wouldn’t even matter at all when what you are assessing is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art technology such as Gree Rio or Livo+, using a traditional system built using 17 SEER but lesser quality in terms of components, features, and energy-saving capacities. The option is starkingly obvious–you would be better off once you choose Gree.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is another way to measure the efficiency of an ac system. Contrary to SEER, which can be restricted to the use of this unit within a season, EER tells you how operates using a specific amount of energy.
In calculating the EER, the cooling output of a particular unit (expressed in British thermal units or Btu) is separated by the quantity of energy usage (in watt hours). The ratio is the EER of the machine.
To help you to get a better grasp of this idea, let us use Crown+ for instance. This specific model has the capacity of 18,000 Btu. Let’s say you purchased this model and in 1 case it consumed 1200 watts of power. To find the EER, you do the following calculation: 18,000 Btu/1200 watts = 15 EER. Like with SEER, the greater the EER means the more the system is energy-efficient.
Together with Gree Crown mini splits, Sapphire with 16.7 EER includes the highest. It is followed by Crown+ using 15.8 EER. The following as the third and fourth best are the Terra and Neo models with near values at 14.5 EER and 14.2 EER respectively. Coming in next is Vireo+ with 14 EER and subsequently followed with the Rio model with 12.0 EER. The Gree models using the lowest EER one of the product lines is the Livo+, which has 10.55 EER, a score that is still very high when compared with other versions of various brands.

Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) of a system refers its whole heating efficacy for a specific season. As SEER decides the efficacy of an air conditioning system for a certain cooling season, HSPF is used to ascertain the efficacy of a heat pump for a heating season. Since ductless mini splits can work both as an air conditioner and as a heat pump, determining the HSPF of Gree mini divides is equally as important as discovering their SEER.
Technically, HSPF is the ratio derived when you split the complete heating output (expressed in Btu) of a unit using the total energy utilized during a specific season. To clarify, let’s use a Gree mini split model as an example.
Let’s say you purchased a Sapphire unit with a capacity of 18000. After using it over the whole winter season, you have determined that it consumed 1200 W. By dividing the entire heating output with the total energy consumed, you get 15 HSPF. Now, let’s say your present heat pump in your home has a rated capacity of 36,600 with 8 HSPF. This unit can price you 4575 W during the heating season.
Gree mini split systems have distinct HSPF capabilities. Again, the most recent model Sapphire emerges as the most efficient with up to 15 HSPF. Rio and Livo+ have 9.5 HSPF and 9.0 HSPF respectively. Take note that the higher the HSPF, the more efficient the heat pump alternative is.
Cooling/Heating Capacities

One thing which you should think about is the size or tonnage, which usually refers to the machine’s heating and cooling capacities when purchasing an air conditioner. If it has to do with air conditioners, size isn’t about measurements. The dimensions of ACs is measured based in “tons,” which pertains to the total amount of heat (measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs) that an air purifier can remove in a special area in hour.
As a benchmark, one ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs per hour. This implies that in the event you have a air conditioner, it can remove an quantity of heat that’s equal to 12,000 BTUs. If you’ve got a AC, it may remove a double amount of heat that is equal to 24,000 Btu per hour. We can go on and on or you can do the computation yourself, but you get the idea.
Fundamentally, the ton of a system, the larger its Btu, and vice versa. Here’s a word of caution: when it has to do with air conditioners, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Bear in mind that one size doesn’t fit all.
The issue comes when people use big-sized ACs for smaller distance, or utilize AC to get a larger space. Obviously, undersized and oversized air conditioners are awful to have. So, when you’re looking for the following AC for your house, select the right size for your area. Your HVAC contractor can help you with this matter if you are not sure what size to look for.
Gree mini split versions vary in rated heating and cooling capabilities. Generally we could declare that Gree Neo, Vireo+, and Livo+ supply size choices, together with up to 36,000 Btu. The Terra and Rio models come with up to 24,000 Btu. Being the systems, Sapphire and Crown+ are for now only available around 18,000 Btu.

Best Rated Window Air Conditioners

In the sweltering heat of today, mobile air conditioners are being bought by everybody. And a few of us are purchasing more than one. Because we lacked the heat capacity of our homes, it might be, or it might be that we discovered a portable AC unit we want to equip rooms in the expectation of a hot summer and liked. Best Rated Window Air Conditioners

Regardless of the reason, it is going to behoove you to find out what evaluations are available on portable AC units so you will be better prepared the next time you shop on line or in a store. You will know what benefits you may expect compared to the other components on the market place, when you understand the evaluations. You will have the ability to pick the best portable AC unit for your requirements, and help you save money buying it, and you will save yourself money. We’ll discuss three air conditioning evaluations, EER, SEER, and Energy Star.

EER – Energy Efficiency Rating

The most wonderful thing about air conditioners that are best is that it takes very little electrical energy to transport a lot of heat out of the room. The ratio of heat transferred out versus the energy is called the EER, the energy efficiency rating. The mobile AC units with ratings over 10 are the standard, and you should not purchase anything greater than that. Which means for every unit of electricity you will be able chill down the room, and consequently to transfer at least 10 units of heat from the room.

When your mobile air conditioner is reversible, it is referred to as a heat pump. A heat pump will be capable of both heating up the room and cooling the space. In the case of a heater, the EER represents the proportion of the amount of heat transferred to the room and the total amount of energy. Again, that ratio ought to be higher.

SEER – Seasonally Adjusted Energy Efficiency Rating

SEER is not unlike EER, but it does take the temperatures that are seasonal into consideration. The SEER rating of a portable air conditioner needs to be 12 or more for optimum efficiency.

Portable Air Conditioner EnergyStar Rating By Environmental Protection Agency

EnergyStar rating was invented by Environmental Protection Agency from the US to let the consumer know that the mobile air conditioning unit requires less energy. The difference in energy absorbed between the EnergyStar unit and an ordinary unit in the market place should be at least 10%. By buying an EnergyStar unit, you will save at least 10 percent on electricity costs for the ac that is portable.

Energy Star has stricter requirements on the kind of technology that a device is utilized. The technology needs to be widely available and there needs to be at least one competitor company selling air conditioning units utilizing the exact same technology. So knowing that, you can rest assured that you will not overpay for the EnergyStar unit.

The EnergyStar will safeguard you, the consumerwith respect to the price of the unit. The cost difference to the average unit available on the market place must be so small that the unit in only a couple of years’ energy savings can reasonably recoup it.

We selected 10 of the best to check in our laboratory and looked at dozens of mobile air conditioners as we researched for this review. We looked at energy efficiency, performance, design and convenience to get to. We chose the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244T1 as the best mobile air conditioner. While it’s not the best performer in the majority of our categories, it scored well in all of them with a balance of functionality, reliability and efficacy. Its top notch features, such as a sleep mode and levers that are oscillating, also make it stand out. It is pricier than many units.

The Whynter ARC-12S has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11.1, which makes it the best portable air conditioner we tested. Additionally, it excels which makes it an optimal choice for climates. We also like that it is fairly easy to transfer between rooms. The ARC-12S lacks a few convenience features but is significantly more affordable than our other selections, which makes it an exceptional value.

The Frigidaire FFPA is. It outperforms the competition in terms of space dimensions, cooling power and air flow. This AC can effectively cool just about any room, whether it is a bedroom or large room.