Ninja Ultima Blender Reviews

The Ninja Ultima blender is the version available from the Ninja firm at the moment. The design system can be somewhat confusing but the models I’ll cover are: BL800, BL810, BL830, and the BL830CB. There are a few slight variations in terms of features and accessories, which I’ll point out during this article. Ninja Ultima Blender Reviews

Not everybody is going to need the same things in the end. A blender for one user might be different than what you’re looking for. There’s an Ultima kitchen system you may be interested as well but I’ll make a post because it’s unique enough.

The Ninja manufacturer is relatively new compared to alternatives and can be found at retailers across the nation. It is promoted as a lower cost alternative to high-end brands such as Vitamix and Blendtec. Some folks praise it while it is looking down onto by some others. I will begin with the performance of the system.

Each Ultima blender comes outfitted with a 2.5-horsepower engine rated at 1,500 watts. This is comparable to additional brands to say there is plenty of power to manage mixing any challenging ingredient you throw at it. I’ll include a video below so that you can see the machine in an actual presentation.

It powers with ease thanks in part to the motor inside. You are able to prepare a broad selection of recipes and it does a very good job.

This system and other brands that are high-end differ though, in that the heat is not transferred to your container. That means that you can’t make soups like you can use a Vitamix for instance. If you begin with a mix that is cold, it is going to stay cold. Blend it and then you may need to heat up everything in the cooker ahead. When making ice cream and smoothies at the very least it’s great. If you leave them on too long these recipes can heat up.

I think is the unique blade design in the 72-ounce container. It’s really unlike anything else on the market. They really rotate independently from each other. The blades rotate at 5,000 RPM along with the blades rotate at 24,000 RPM.

The idea is that combine that which can be helped by the blades more extensively than a typical blender. This works fairly well in training so it isn’t simply a gimmick. I’ll also quickly mention that the containers are all BPA-free.

The BL800 is the most basic model. It doesn’t include any accessories and has three speed settings which range from large, medium, and low. Happy is at least a dedicated heartbeat button included. As it has a retail price of only $ 200, the cost reflects the lack of features. That is about half as much as a competitor’s blender.

The BL810, BL830, and BL830CB have a full speed dial along with a pulse switch. This gives you control over your recipes. Aside from that they function the specific same since they utilize the same motor. In what’s included with every model, the differences lie. The 810 has two single serve cups, when making drinks or cocktails, perfect. The 830 comes with three single serve cups and does one better. The 830CB has exactly the very same.


2.5-horsepower engine (1,500 watt)
72-ounce container
Full 10 speed options
BL800 medium, and high speed Choices
Containers are BPA-free
Stage blending design
Dimensions: 10.9? L x 17.3? W x 17.7? H
BL800 — 8? L x 11? W x 18.5? H
The Ninja Ultima blender is a great choice of other models from competing manufacturers. It performs. Overall, I’m impressed with this machine and would suggest that you consider one if you are in the market for a new blender. Tough to narrow down what you’re specifically looking for try making a pros and cons list for yourself.

I would definitely advise you to proceed with the 810 or 830/CB models. The single serve containers are excellent to have for yourself or for a party. Also although it’s not only faster to prepare multiple items seems to concentrate the power than. If you plan on creating a lot of smoothies they are crucial in my own opinion.

One drawback is that the 800 model includes a warranty, 2 years, while the other models include. They do offer an extended warranty but that is an additional cost of course. You also need to pay to send your machine in when dealing with warranty repairs. It is unfortunate the Ninja company does not cover the shipping themselves just like other brands do, but hopefully you won’t have to deal with any warranty claims.

If you are reading this you’re probably somewhat curious about this blender. The choice is yours to create and the price is correct although it does work well. I think plenty of folks would be happy with everything functions. You get a blender and can narrow down everything you’re searching for. Make certain that you read through our Vitamix vs Ninja post for comparisons of several unique versions.

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