Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Review

Unpleasant odors – from cooking, cigarette smoke, pet litter, cleaning compounds, and mold – are a health issue and a social embarrassment.
The number one principle some indoor air authority will mention is “attack the origin before installing the air cleaner.” Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag Review

However, there are.

For several decades, I have been advising people to “just put some carbon near the odor,” without repainting on the products from Moso.

Moso Natural offers a natural odor control product, the Moso Air Purifying Bag.

Moso introduced their luggage to the American market in August 2010.

Despite the provider’s overstated “green” marketing and somewhat exaggerated claims, I enjoy this product as an alternate to the favorite, and often toxic, “air fresheners” along with other chemical responses to this indoor odor problem.

Most of the billions spent on odor apparatus, found in 3 quarters of American houses, goes to unhealthy scent-maskers that just fool the nose to believing air remains clean.

I join other indoor air quality experts, who universally recommend against utilizing atmosphere fresheners/deodorizers of any kind. Moso natural tote

As bad are things that burn, such as candles, covering the odor using an odor that is new and filling the atmosphere with chunks of carbon.

Little Mosos, sized into boots that are stinky or hanging in a kitty litter box, are just two for ten bucks.

Moso’s bags are air purifiers, meaning they don’t have any fan to propel air during the adsorbent media.

Many sellers and user reviews use the expression absorb to describe the practice of odor receptor retention.

The right expression is “adsorb,” which means molecules attaching to a surface by electrostatic (ionic) attraction.

“Passive” also means the bag requires little effort from the consumer, besides occasional airing outside and sunning the tote.

Moso’s market penetration includes The Container Store, and carries the “organic” bags.

I found almost 100 online user testimonials of the Moso bags.

Over 20% of these reviews are negative one and two star reviews.

Numerous buyers have voiced dissatisfaction.

If you have any animals, they are the most likely suspects of this odor, yet another offender could be smoke, mildew or ingesting…fish, but you name it, and anything can cause an odor in your home. Could not it be wonderful to come home and not have that “smell”?

I put the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag on the top of my entertainment center in my living room (which is the center of my home), also gave this merchandise the test of all tests. You are most likely wondering what the hell is a Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag? Moso bags are made using and is famous for the purifying properties of it. Traps allergens and germs and neutralize the odor, it is said to control, and reduce pollutants. It’s also great for dehumidifying to prevent mildew, mold and moisture. Now you’re probably thinking this has to be a joke…nothing could remove pet odors or smoke, or anything else for that matter, but it actually does. I wish I could ship scents by your computer screen because I have a cat and a dog and living in the Chicago burbs, it moves from 30-70 levels daily around these parts. There’s not anything worse than has a dog gone outside and when you allow him in, it smells like “puppy”. You understand what I’m talking about, do not you? It is that indescribable, nasty smell of pet dander and only ick… I mean, I love my pets, but they do have some nasty odors! I did notice after using the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag that the odor has been eliminated when you walk into my door and you aren’t struck in the face with the pet odor. You have no idea how pleasant it’s to come home and not have to be bombarded with that smell. When I come home, I walk in the door and it enjoys smelling nothing whatsoever… it’s very bizarre and terribly difficult to describe. I smell, but I smell nothing…if this makes sense! I am wondering when I can hook it and let him just walk around with it!

I’m sold. Another fantastic thing about this item is that will last approximately two decades and should you “smell” it not working, you are able to replenish it by just stick the bag from direct sun for about an hour per month. When it’s match is life expectancy, you can cut the bag open and disperse! The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag contains no chemicals so it’s child and pet safe!

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