Magic Chef Chest Freezer Reviews

Magic Chef Chest Freezer Reviews

PROS / You get a truly expansive inside with 6.9 cubic feet of storage space.

CONS / This will cost more to operate.

VERDICT / The Magic Chef HMCF7W2 offers exceptional storage space and presents some useful features, but it is going to cost somewhat more to function. Magic Chef Chest Freezer Reviews

There is one feature about the Magic Chef HMCF7W2 chest freezer that’s indisputable — it provides more storage space for your own food than any other product in our line-up. Having a spacious 6.9 cubic feet of interior space, this freezer provides you room for some serious food storage.

This freezer can handle 420 pints of ice cream to illustrate its size. You can fill it nicely with a few wisely chosen sale items out of goodies you pick up at a farmer’s market seller and your own garden in addition to your grocery store frozen food aisles. As soon as you have filled this freezer you’ll be prepared to feed a crowd or undergo a winter season with tasty dishes. It can reach to low temperatures of -7.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

It steps 32.6 inches high, 36.9 inches wide and 22 inches deep, and it is a reasonable size in the industry. With the lid raised, it stands 54.5 inches high. It weighs 73.4 pounds.

One thing you’ll want to notice is the fact that it costs more to operate yearly. This freezer costs an average of $ 30 per year to operate and utilizes 249 hours each year. This comes with a monthly bill of $2.50, which will be greater than our other freezers, but isn’t outlandish for one appliance that runs continuously and keeps your meals.

This chest freezer is nicely equipped with a power on indicator light legs, a drain to help with the defrosting. You don’t get door safety lock, which is a great device that keeps children shielded.

What is Important When Choosing a Chest Freezer?
Along with distance and price, there are features and particular specifications before deciding which chest freezer you want to purchase that you wish to take into account.

Dimensions & Weight
In addition to understanding the measurements of the freezer, remembering to add a few additional inches across the sides and rear for optimum air clearance, you will have to know the height of the unit with the lid fully open to ensure you’re able to easily get those frozen pizzas and ice cream pints. Understanding the dimensions of the freezer and taking the opportunity to assess the distance for your freezer assures setup.

If you keep smaller items such as small bags of vegetables or popsicles, in your chest freezer, having a storage basket helps keep them arranged in the 1 spot. Compartment dividers are available so you understand exactly what you have at a glance. A door lock can keep the ones that are curious out of the freezer, a significant safety feature for all those with children or grandchildren.

Several other elements to take into consideration whether you can keep your freezer out and when selecting a chest freezer include warranty info. As an instance, if you reside in a really cold climate, you might not have the ability to maintain your chest deep freezer in your garage, because the system expects that coolant boil by a combination of pressure and heat, and if outside temperatures are too cold, the freezer may quit working. Read the testimonials to find the freezer to the situation and your location.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

It gets down to below-freezing temperature and offers a generous quantity of space for food storage that is additional.

Efficient is Amana’s compact chest freezer, using its 215 kWh consumption, Energy Star certification and average operating cost of $26.

The third place award goes into Danby, which doesn’t have the identical energy efficiency stamp of approval as our best two award winners, but it only uses approximately 224 kWh, and it features adjustable legs, which may help keep the device, along with the coolant inside, level. This guarantees an even supply of coolant to maintain your foods frozen.

There are other chest freezers that created the three as well as our lineup that didn’t score but are options just the same. In fact, the Magic Chef chest freezer is a lot larger, at 6.9 cubic feet and will fit about 420 pints of ice cream, but still comparable in cost. Along with the Idylis little chest freezer may descend to temperatures as low as -17.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every unit on the lineup is designed with manual controls, instead of digital, and they all require that you manually defrost them, like most chest freezers, which usually means you’ve got to sometimes thaw the unit, remove the excess water, clean the inside chest and then refill and refreeze your food. Additionally, all of the chest freezers in our lineup are equipped with drains, which make emptying that water much easier all.

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