How To Make Refrigerator Magnets

How To Make Refrigerator MagnetsSummer season is just across the corner and soon the children will probably be out of college for their Summer season vacations. You could be asking yourself, “How will I preserve the kids busy?”

I believe these craft ideas are great for bible faculty, girl scouts, cub scouts, daycare arts and crafts initiatives and even to maintain your little ones entertained in case you are a busy mother who works from home.

Photograph Refrigerator Magnet

1 plastic lid from a potato chips canister

scraps of construction paper or scrap booking paper

all-objective white craft glue

scraps of ribbon, yarn, lace, rick-rack, buttons, beads, sequins

2″ piece of magnet

child safety scissors


mini-wallet size photo

Have the kids hint around the lid onto a piece of colored paper and reduce out the round shape barely contained in the traced line. Glue the paper onto the lid ensuring that about 1/8″ of the lid exhibits across the edges. (you want the lid to border the paper shape). Take the mini-pockets sized photo and glue it in the center of the lid frame. Glue ribbon, yarn, lace or rick-rack around the edges of the lid and a piece of magnet on the back. Kids can even add extra gildings comparable to buttons, beads and sequins if desired.

Walnut Shell Mouse Magnet

empty and clean walnut shell halves

2 tiny wiggle eyes

brown coloured felt scraps

1 half of” brown chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

2 mm pink pom-pom

scrap of cardboard

1″ piece of magnet

all-goal white craft glue

child safety scissors

Lower out two 1/4″ diameter circles from brown felt. Lower one piece of brown chenille stem to measure 1 half of” in length. Take a piece of scrap cardboard and trace around the walnut shell form and lower just inside your traced line. Place the walnut shell down on the table or work floor with the ridged facet up and the shell running vertically (like an oval egg shape). Glue pink pom-pom on entrance-high facet of edge for the mouse nose. Take one of many felt circles and pinch the perimeters collectively to type an ear and glue one onto each side of the mouse head; glue the wiggle eyes onto the shell to kind the mouse eyes. Let dry for 10 minutes. Flip over the mouse and glue the mouse tail (chenille stem) underneath the walnut shell leaving 1″ of it showing. Glue the cardboard form to the underneath belly. Finally, glue your magnet onto the cardboard and let dry.

Index Cards Artwork-Work Magnets

Clear Contact Paper or Laminating Sheets

3 x 5 blank index playing cards (no printed traces)

markers, crayons, coloured pencils, water paints, stickers, etc.

2″ piece of magnet

Have the youngsters draw and color on the clean index playing cards or have them write a poem or a story. When finished, you’ll want to seal the index card through the use of clear contact paper or self-stick laminating sheets (office supply store). Glue a magnet piece to the bottom and you have an immediate fridge magnet.

Recycled Sport Piece Magnets

dominoes, playing cards, plastic coins, cube, miscellaneous game pieces, etc.

all-objective white craft glue

magnets (round disk shaped ones work greatest)

Gather miscellaneous recreation items that are now not wanted and recycle them into fridge magnets. All it’s worthwhile to do is glue the magnet onto the back sides and let them dry for 30 minutes. If you’re utilizing paper payments (cash) from video games, you will first wish to laminate them or cowl them with clear contact paper before gluing the magnet onto the backs.

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