How To Install A Ceiling Fan Box

Ceiling fans do not only serve to air out a room that is smelly, warm or stuffy. Ceiling fans add a lot of charm and beauty to a room. At the exact same time, a ceiling fan can help you save on your electric bills. This is probably why more and more people have started to become interested in fans. You might want to understand how to install a ceiling fan, if you want one of these decorations. It might be simpler than you think. How To Install A Ceiling Fan Box

Opt for the Fan

If you are confident that you could stick to the steps on how to install a ceiling fan then you need to proceed to picking your lover. There are ceiling fan designs including those using lights. In the event that you want to install a fan with lights because your circuit could overload, you have to check your circuit power though. Be sure to take a peek at the width of the fan so that it is right for the space.

It is highly advisable that you attempt to mount a fan for those who have an existing fixture at the middle of the room. In do it yourself instructions on how best to install a ceiling fan. You might want to call for help.

So where to begin?

First things first let us cover some thoughts about ceiling fan installation before we delve to the instructions.

You need to pick a location for your fan before you do anything. Usually, individuals pick the ceiling’s middle. They also frequently substitute a light fixture. If you are installing a fan with NO light then you ought to be fine and the circuit won’t overload. If you’re currently installing a lover WITH lights, you must be sure that the circuit has enough capacity for your load. If there’s absolutely no lighting fixture that is central then you will have to designate a place to hang the enthusiast.

Measure the floor-to-ceiling space then subtract. 7 feet recommended but make sure you look in the local construction codes and codes. If your ceilings are currently going to be low and they are creating an issue then you may wish to consider getting a bracket. That will help. Some fans include blades that adjust. (Note: 12 inches between the ceiling and the enthusiast will allow for proper airflow but 18 inches is recommended and, if possible, best.)

Once you have done those two things, you’re prepared to mount your lover!

Mounting a Ceiling Fan

Switch off the power supply to prevent electrocution. Before any work starts, this is very serious and should be performed.
By running a chalk line determine the centre. The point at which they intersect (remember: X marks the place!) Is the center.
Adjust your location so that it matches the joists.
Install the junction box. Cut a hole in the ceiling to generate room.
Mount the junction box into a beam.
Build the fan (see below to learn how to do that).
Install the hanger pipe.
Wire the unit.
Attach into the unit.
Electrically ground the enthusiast.
Attach to joists.
Put on finishing touches. Install molding, etc..
Assembling the Fan

So you need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer assembly varies. If you buy a Westinghouse ceiling fan then use their manual. The same goes if you buy a Minka-Aire ceiling fan or a Hunter ceiling fan. There is no rule for your specific fan. One general trick is to install the blades before hanging the fan.

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