How To Fix Air Conditioner In Car

Air conditioner in car has become a necessity nowadays. It’s very tricky to travel in an automobile with no AC in scorching heat. The automobile AC is quite small and the designing and the operation is totally different from all those air conditioners used in offices and homes. There are two sides of an AC system of an auto, viz high side and low side. The compressor of this AC performs the functioning of the pump, and begins in the high side. The refrigerant is transferred through the machine with the assistance of the compressor. The expansion valve is there in the low side, which restricts the flow of refrigerant. This aids in reducing the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant.¬†How To Fix Air Conditioner In Car

The auto air conditioner works like a refrigerator and has a multi-component piece of machinery. The atmosphere is removed from the automobile and the air is pushed within the vehicle. This helps in keeping the space in the car’s temperature, and moderates the area.

There may be occasions, once the AC in the car stops working or doesn’t provide cooling. There is A repair expected in this phase. Each and every vehicle is made of design and model. However, the basic functioning of the AC in most of the cars is the same. The Issues with the car air conditioner as well as the basic ways to fix car air conditioner’s issues are listed under:

Absence of improper cooling and atmosphere would be the signals of problems with respect to the car air conditioner.

In order to diagnose the issue, it is very important to get information and knowledge of the areas of the car air conditioner. There are five components of the car AC viz the condenser, the compressor, the expansion valve, the boilers, as well as the dryer or evaporator.

The right action can be obtained in case of any issue, it is extremely important to understand the operation of of the components.

The refrigerant is pumped out through the compressor. The compressor acts as a power unit of the automobile air conditioner.

The condenser plays the function of changing the refrigerant.

The liquid is converted with the help of the dryer or the evaporator to the air.

There can be some pressure on the refrigerant. This pressure is removed with the support of the expansion valve and moved into the evaporator.

In case of ineffective cooling, assess for any sort of leakage in the refrigerant. A fluorescent dye that’s easy to get in any auto part shop can be used to check the refrigerant. Autozone or NAPA can be used as the dye.

The directions given on the dye’s package which you purchase should be followed carefully and thoroughly. In most of the cases, the dye is added through the low pressure A/C recharge port that’s located on the canister of their air conditioner of the automobile.

Use the U/V mild to test for your leakage. In the event of leakage of this refrigerant, the kits can be bought from any auto supply store. These kits are sealed and the replacement can be done by anyone in your home.

In case assess with fan belts, and all the fuses, cables for any sort of problem. The fuse may have turned poor. The cables may have broken, and this fan belt may have got damaged. These problems could possibly be creating trouble with the functioning of the pump. In the event of any problem with any of these parts, get the components replaced to ensure proper functioning of the car air conditioner.

After making any kind of repair done by 15, the air conditioner should be tested.

If all of the procedures have tried to make the AC function and even after replacing the components, the AC does not function then there is a need to call a professional.

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