Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Review

PROS / Even when the dehumidify feature is turned off, this version removes an impressive quantity of water in the atmosphere.

CONS / This version has the window port hose.

VERDICT / This is a portable AC unit to get an area and a humid climate. But, it has some design quirks and lacks some functions. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Honeywell MN10CESBB is a 10,000 Btu mobile air conditioner with sufficient electricity to cool a 450-square-foot room. It is not enough power to blow you away but is still a fantastic match for a living space that is mid century. It is a well-built freestanding AC unit, albeit with a few design flaws.

The three-speed fan on this mobile AC circulates air at medium low and high speeds to provide cooling against different levels of heat. Rates from this unit can attain 174 feet per minute. This is below average, but it is enough airflow that you should feel a difference that is noticeable within the first half hour of turning to the unit.

It proceeds to eliminate moisture if this mode is on or not, although this version has a dehumidifier manner. On the cooling manner alone, it removes 68 pints of water every day, or 2.8 per hour, from the air. It may remove.

Our estimated yearly operating cost of this mobile AC is $90.79. This is units. On the other hand, the normal energy efficiency ratio (EER) of mobile air conditioners would be 9.7. This Honeywell version scored a 9.5 EER, which is good but slightly below average. On the plus side, this machine gets the UL seal, suggesting that it meets with industry standards for health and security.

The device has an easy-to-use control panel and a remote controller. On the remote, you will discover a timer setting, arrow controls, rate switches, a power switch along with the mode switch. Like the distant, the digital screen of the controller panel is minimal but easy to understand. One downside to such a minimum interface is the absence of auto restart option or a sleep mode. This usually means the AC does not have the capacity to adjust the temperature to a level that is comfortable while you sleep. Since it can not restart on its own, as you’re away from home if there’s a power outage at the warmth of summer, you are going to go back to a living space. It is possible to locate these features, if you want them, on the Frigidaire Gallery, our top pick.

This model does require some foresight and planning. You will need to place it near a window to permit the vent hose to discharge air and dampness. This is typical for portable AC units, but this Honeywell version has the smallest port hose on our lineup. You will want to clear a space for the 4.9-foot hose to reach the window.

You are able to obtain this model in white or black, and the louvers fold out from the top of the unit to give it a more contemporary look. This is a broader model than many air conditioners, which means you might have to clear more distance in which you would like to use it.

This model comes with a appliance guarantee that is standard and a compressor guarantee. You can download a manual on the internet for directions about the best way best to set up it and use it.

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