Honeywell Air Purifier Review

PROS / The Honeywell HPA300 is just one of the very best at eliminating dust particles outside of of the air purifiers we reviewed.

CONS / The machine features an auto mode that automatically adjusts its settings based on the air quality.

VERDICT / The HPA300 effectively removes smoke and dust but it is missing several features that are convenient to make it a appliance. Honeywell Air Purifier Review

Air purifiers are inclined to be loud, hefty eyesores. The Honeywell HPA300 is an exception, as it has a manageable noise flat side grip and a layout. This air purification system lacks some key components, such as management, sleep mode and an automotive mode. Overall, this machine can eliminate pollutants out of your home dust particles.

This air purifier is one of the very best at eliminating dust particles among all the models we reviewed. It has trouble pollen compared to many other air purifiers we examined, although smoke contaminants are also removed from it. The HPA300 can effectively clean the air in rooms up to 465 square feet. In larger rooms than that, it begins to lose its effectiveness in removing airborne particles. This air cleaner is capable of making five air changes an hour, which means it pushes all of the air in the room through the filters once every 12 minutes.

It will have an operation timer that you can set it to operate hours. This unit has a filter monitor. The HPA300 does not include a remote control, which might be suitable for all those times when you’re sitting across the room and want to alter the settings.

Honeywell offers support options, including a short FAQs section that could answer your questions before you reach out to customer service. If you need assistance, you can call or email Honeywell agents. The organization doesn’t provide live support. The HPA300 includes a warranty, which protects you against manufacturer defects.

PROS / The oscillation characteristic allows for maximum airflow. It is able to raise the airflow inside the room as the air purifier we examined that oscillates.

CONS / The odor filter just three months.

VERDICT / The Air Genius has some features that are unique and fascinating, but its odor filter has a short lifespan.

Editor’s Note: This review was eliminated from our side-by-side comparison as it no longer ranks as a top 10 merchandise. The original review is below, but check our current top 10 out about Air Purifiers here.

By actively circulating indoor air, air purifiers that are oscillating guarantee maximum efficiency. Using a push of a button, the Honeywell Air Genius pivots from left to right, shooting on out clean air out the other and pulling air in from 1 side.

This air purifier lets you pick between a filter and a filter. It’s a brief filtration lifetime of three months, while gases are handled by the odor-reducing filter better. You can wash it every three months rather than replace it, although the permanent filter provides performance. The Air Genius oscillates to achieve maximum filtration.

This air filter comes with an operating timer. You can run it for four, 2 weeks, six, eight, 10 or 12 hours at a time until it goes into standby mode. When it’s time to make a 25, the filter track will keep tabs on how long you have used your filter and also tell you. The Air Genius does not have an air-quality sensor, and the filter monitor relies on the period of time you have used the air filter rather than the pollution it’s captured.

Honeywell lists the Air Genius on many of its sites, but we could not find a downloadable user guide. A few of the sites provide basic FAQs, but not one of the replies would help you if you have an issue with your air filter. Customer support representatives are available by phone and email.

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