Holmes Air Purifier Review

The Holmes HAP726-U air purifier includes a fan that pulls air to the front of the unit and releases it outside the top once the atmosphere is clean. A pre-filter improved with Arm & Hammer technology captures large particles and odors, and normal carbon filters can also be included. When the atmosphere is free from smelling- and massive particles, then it travels via a genuine HEPA filter for ultimate purification until it’s discharged back into your atmosphere. The HAP726-U can filter out a space around 256 square feet at a speed of 168 cubic feet per minute.

Anything else may nevertheless be referred to as a HEPA filter, however, it is not a genuine HEPA. The Holmes HAP726-U truly is a true HEPA filter, fulfilling each of the filter requirements.

Dust- 168
Pollen- 168
The CADR is based on a tidy and effective filter, and to acquire air purification in such amounts, make certain to alter the carbon pre-filter each three to six weeks and also the genuine HEPA filter at least annually. The interior of the air conditioner may be washed, but do not try to wash either the carbon pre-filter nor the genuine HEPA filter — neither should ever be washed and reused.

Though the Holmes air purifier does not have a remote controller or an air quality sensor, there’s a handy timer which lets you run the filter for up to 16 hours with no intervention from you. Simply choose the rate and time you want on the control panel and allow the air purifier do everything. Following the chosen period of time, the device will automatically shut off. The control panel may even alert you if the filter has to be altered. Another handy feature is that the HAP726-U’s capability to function vertically or horizontally to best fit your own environment.

When in need of support, you can get in touch with Holmes via a contact number or service email address. We emailed Holmes with queries and got a response back in a couple of days. Their site does not have a lot to offer in the kind of FAQs, however you may download a user guide for additional aid. The air purifier will not come with a leading guarantee — five years from purchase date.

OVERVIEW: The Holmes air purifier ionizer manufacturer has a significant range of cheap Air Purifiers which are frequently offered on infomercials, shopping stations, and in stores such as Target. If you’re searching for an economical, little room air conditioner, then I’m certain that you’ve encountered the Holmes line. The question is if the price tag, and replacement filter price, make them a great price.

Did you ever purchase a cheap bit of clothes, and discovered that it simply didn’t last very long? Purchasing a cheap Holmes Air Purifier Ionizer (I have had a few) was an adventure like this. I totally love saving money (I’m from New England after all) but occasionally that’s induced me to become short-sighted. I have discovered that purchasing quality can generally cost less in the long term. Particularly in regards to clothing and appliances. If it continues for several decades, it was a great investment.” That said I can not say I’m a huge fan of Holmes, since I understand where they’re created (in China) and also my dealings with all the infomercial world (the markup is absurd) make me understand that they’re fairly cheaply made. Obviously you are essentially referring to a lover, and a fabric Hepa filter using a slender Carbon filter thrown in, so there is not much in it to start with.

Stages of Purification

Now let us take a look at the filters and technologies for cleaning the atmosphere.
Phase 1 HEPA. Best for cleaning dust and pollen in the air.

Phase 2 Carbon. For eliminating Odor. That the carbon n the holmes is especially modest, and while they’re cheap at $3.50, you need to alter it every two months or so.


Two – Convenience of purchasing filters or creating a yield (stores such as Target)


1 – Loud

Two – Expensive Filter Replacements

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