Goodman Air Conditioners Reviews

Goodman sells five air conditioner models. They are all quiet that your neighbors or you won’t disturb, however they are not as energy efficient as many opponents. However, they’re likely if you’re replacing an obsolete model, to save you . Each one also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is remarkable in the central air conditioner market of today.¬†Goodman Air Conditioners Reviews

These AC units meet with the Energy Star guidelines created by the Environmental Protection Agency to benefit. Additionally, it offers a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance rating of around 18.

This refrigerant is chlorine-free and formulated to protect the ozone layer. These air conditioners that are central also feature. That means less energy consumption.

Its output signal is 71 dB. This is quite quiet for a central air conditioner, though it isn’t the quietest of their home AC units in our guide.

Upkeep should be quite simple with those AC units. The diagnostics allow you to store up to six fault codes, which means you will know when a problem is growing. You have access points, simplifying repairs and upkeep that is annual.

Among the standout features of these AC systems is their life guarantee. If your AC system fails and you’re the original buyer, you’ll receive a unit provided that you still reside in precisely the house you bought it for. All components of the device are coated by a 10-year parts guarantee, which is also a superb advantage.

Best Warranty: Goodman

Goodman sells five air purifier models using SEER ratings between 13 and 18, so they aren’t as energy efficient as other manufacturers we evaluated. But if you’re replacing an air conditioner that is older, a model from Goodman will cut your costs over time. All five versions are also silent, include a lifetime guarantee, which is striking compared to most central air conditioner brands and use refrigerant that is environmentally-friendly.

Unique Features

1. Low Price but Trustworthy

Goodman offers the most affordable prices as compared to additional AC makers such as Trane and Lennox. A three ton 14 SEER Goodman AC cost about $960, its own equal Trane AC is about $1400-$1500 that is more expensive. So why can Goodman keep durable along with also the pricing that is low ? It is dependent on their very own earnings model and marketplace positioning. So there is no need to fret about Goodman’s quality. That said there are particular unqualified Goodman dealers and contractors in the market, we will teach you how to differentiate them in the part.

2. Compressors With Lifetime Warranty

The reason the lifetime warranty is offered by them is the radical suction accumulator. The primary reason for compressor breakdown is the accumulation of refrigerant in the suction lines. Any refrigerant in liquid form is trapped within this suction accumulator, ensuring trouble-free compressor operation. The warranty is good, but don’t exaggerate its effect. An air conditioner’s lifetime is 12-15 years, not a life. You still need to pay labor fee for any fix after a single year.

3. All Aluminum Coils

Now many air conditioning producers are seeing aluminum coils as a potential remedy to the industry wide jolt of corrosion . Goodman is just one of those producers. All aluminum coils are somewhat lower priced, but with the exact same efficiency.


No High-end Models

The highest effective Goodman air conditioner is 18 SEER. 16-18 SEER is long-term and using saving. If you want an 18+ SEER or changeable cooling air conditioner, then we recommend you to check Trane, Carrier, Lennox or American Standard. The SEER for both Trane and Carrier is 21, and in 2016 Lennox simply launch their 26 SEER XC25 air conditioner.

Quality of Contractor Varies Widely

Contrary to Trane and Lennox, Goodman does sell units. There is another tier between producer and dealer, known as the distributor. The provider has dealers to be chosen by their very own rights. In order to search for sales revenue, some reckless distributors sell units to dealers that are unqualified and lower of dealer choosing standards. We heard of the more negative responses from Goodman and the majority of them are caused by improper installation. Goodman unit is dependable, but finding a reliable contractor is important.

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