Day And Night Air Conditioner Reviews

Day and Night Air Conditioner Review of Performance Features

For those of you looking for the answer, here is my Day and Night Air Conditioner Review — Yes, Day and Night is a dependable air conditioning unit. People who are searching for the long answer…keep reading.

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First, an Important Blurb About Carrier — Why Carrier? Just Read…

At ASM, we will just install products we think in, and we all have this policy for a reason — our standing. Our firm thrives at a highly aggressive Los Angeles business because we have a reputation for customer service and honesty. Quite simply, we cannot manage to install the gear. Day and Night, however, is a business we’ve continued to do business with since as you continue to not install, but actually maintain air conditioners, you begin to notice little similarities between units. . But here’s the kick: the association between Day and Night Air Conditioners and Carrier goes somewhat deeper than just my instinct…and those of you who’ve done your study may have already stumbled upon this reality: Day and Night is owned by precisely the same parent company because Carrier Air Conditioning — United Technologies. They still carry many of the identical excellent control procedures and if you look inside, wouldn’t you know it, although they are branded, they seem similar. I am not stating that “Day and Night is a Carrier in disguise” by any means, but what I will say is that they’re exactly the red-headed cousin and discuss many of the same genes. Think of Carrier and Day and Night Air Conditioners as being somewhat like the relationship between Ferrari and Fiat. They are entirely different businesses, but if you look at a Fiat engine…they seem more than simply “similar,” do not they? Food for thought.

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Day and Night Air Conditioner Review of Features

In order of price (high to low), their models are:

Day and Night Constant Comfort Deluxe
Day and Night Constant Comfort
Day and Night Performance

Day and Night Constant Comfort Deluxe Series Features

17-19 SEER rating depending on model
66-70 Db noise range
Two-Stage performance (this is where the energy efficiency comes from)
Wi-Fi capacities
Corrosion resistant
10-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
Day and Night Constant Comfort Series Features

13-16 SEER
As low as 69 Db sound range, but runs in the 70s
Single-Stage compressor (in our experience, more dependable but will have a lower SEER rating)
Wi-Fi capabilities
Corrosion resistant
5-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
Day and Night Performance Series Features
13-16 SEER
As low as 70 Db sound range
Single-Stage compressor (again in our experience, this is much more reliable however will have a lower SEER rating)
Corrosion resistant
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
So, what the hell does all this imply? It usually means that Day and Night offer many of the same features as their opponents. But do they function? Yes. In our experience the reduced two manufacturers are more dependable, although they work well. Kind of like things, the more complicated it gets, the more probable it is that something will go wrong. This is very true of these compressors. Basically what this signifies is that the device has the power to operate essentially cutting on its size times of low demand. As with most brands, but this feature can become problematic in the long run, and often times negates the increased SEER rating savings, which requires a very long time anyway (usually a decade, which is why we rarely suggest spending the cash for anything over 16 SEER — unless you may live in your home for another 10 decades, it probably is not worth it). Our recommendation for the money — the 16 SEER Performance — skip the bells and whistles. The Performance series is rugged and durable — what else would you want?

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