Danby Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

PROS / The ironic manner means that you may decrease humidity without warming or cooling the atmosphere, which is good for humid climates.

CONS / This one is thicker than lots of other people, which will make it simpler for setup.

VERDICT / This Danby AC device is intended to cool efficiently while still being energy efficient.

In addition, it has all of the performance modes you might want to assist you to remain cool in many of different situations. This unit features a great blend of qualities that will work nicely for a little or darkened area in your house which is now uncomfortable in the summer.

Danby DAC6011E Review
It is time to enjoy the summer heat how it is supposed to be appreciated — outside from the swimming pool, not within your house. It’s an energy efficiency ratio of 10.7 which will cut back on your energy use, which means that you can remain comfortably all season long without feeling as if you are spending a small fortune.

The Energy Saver Switch style conserves energy by cycling the fan off and on after the compressor turns off, thus that your room remains in the perfect temperature all day long. The Sleep manner also makes it possible to save on energy by incrementally increasing the temperature during the night so that you can’t ever get too chilly.

The automobile timer enables you to program the window air conditioner to turn off and on to fulfill your requirements.

The 6,000 BTUs of the AC window unit mean it is effective at cooling a space around 250 square feet. Should you want an air purifier to your office or bedroom, the heating capacity of the AC will work nicely in that area. The two-way air management function enables you to focus the atmosphere to the component of the area that needs it the most.

The digital controls and sharp LED display make it easy to change preferences, particularly in a darkened room. You could even adjust the warmth from any part of the room using the remote controller. The distant becomes really convenient if you are in bed sleeping or curled up on the sofa watching a film and do not need to be bothered.

If you are thinking about installing the device yourself, it is important to understand that it weighs 46.30 lbs; it is lightweight enough to be raised with no assistance.

Do not allow the sweltering heat take the pleasure out of summer time.


CONS / This device is bigger than several similar products.

VERDICT / The Danby DAC060EUB2GDB is a potent ac unit and among the best if you desire to have an AC with higher energy savings.

Editor’s Note: This product was taken away from our side-by-side contrast since it’s been discontinued.

The Danby DAC060EUB2GDB is a potent window ac unit. This item also features three trendy and fan rates that provide you several choices to produce the ideal temperature and humidity level for your room. It’s a sizable window AC unit also contains an expandable window setup kit to allow it to fit in massive windows.

This Danby window ac unit is a highly effective device, including 6,000 British thermal units (BTU). This quantity of electricity lets you cool around 250 square feet. Furthermore, although perhaps not the broadest on our lineup, the device has a large temperature range. You are able to put the thermostat with this item everywhere between 62.6 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. What’s more, you may select between three different cooling rates and three different fan speeds.

Though this item is strong, it’s an Energy Star capable apparatus. It’s an EER of all 11.2. This is a great score, even as the ideal room air conditioning units have a score of 10 or higher. Additionally, an estimated yearly energy cost for utilizing this AC unit for eight hours per day over a 3 month period is $45.71. That can be less than many comparable products on our lineup.

The great number of configurations and attributes on this item makes it effortless to use. Along with the 3 cooling and fan rates, there’s also a dry atmosphere which can help eliminate excess moisture in the atmosphere. This is an advantage if you have to control the humidity inside your house.

Moreover, the unit includes both sleep and jelqing modes. Both of these modes can help keep you cool and help you to save money on your electrical bill, and they’re not found on several similar products.

This item works great in rooms with big windows, since the device is bulky. It’s 13.3 inches tall, but it takes a window at least 14 inches tall to match properly. It weighs about 52.8 lbs. In case you’ve got a window bigger than those specifications, then this Danby merchandise involves an expandable window setup kit which enables it to match in windows between 23 and 26 inches wide.

A one-piece maker appliance guarantee is included on this window air conditioner. But in addition, it contains a five year compressor warranty, which will be excellent and among the best guarantees we found on this kind of device.

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