Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

This Portable Air Conditioner Is Ideal For Spot Cooling Small Rooms Up To 200 Square Feet.
It Is Equipped With Four Casters That Allow For Easy Movement To The Spaces That Need Chilling, This Portable AC Unit Also Includes A Remote Control For Easy Temperature, Fan Speed And Timer Adjustments From Across The Room. A Quick-Install Window Kit Is Included For Exhausting The Unit Through Any Horizontal Or Vertical Opening Window. This Machine Boasts Two-Way Up/Down Air Deflection That Circulates Air Evenly To Eliminate Hot Spots, Providing Ample Airflow To Cool Spaces Up To 200 Sq.. Ft. This Portable Air Conditioner Offers Cooling, Dehumidify, Fan And Sleep Modes, Ideal For Home And Office Use. It Is Designed With Various Protection Functions Such As 24-Hour Programmable Timer, Auto Condensate Circle, Super Intelligent Temperature Sensor And Water-Full Control And Warning Etc.. Notice: This Item Comes Without Drain Hose. Best Portable Air Conditioner Consumer Reports

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For cooler that is great!
ByAdriana on June 9, 2017
Verified Purchase
Fantastic price! This version far exceeds my expectations. It cools my entire 433 sq. ft. studio flat. Rather the management recorded in the window vent to not damage windows. Brilliant! With the wheels, it is not hard if necessary, if needed, to reposition the direction of the air flow in any way. I really do need to turn the TV up a tiny bit as it is on but it isn’t noisy. It’s a continuous noise that doesn’t disturb me. Great enough cost to buy a few for the two story home so as not to use the costly central.

ByLynne on May 18, 2017
Employed after I received it.
Firstly, the delivery is very fast, and it is packed.
The material is very good, extremely comfortable and stable once I touched it.
It has different styles and cool in the summer.
Merchandise and worth this cost.

Verified Purchase
Fantastic price! This model far exceeds my expectations. It cools my whole 433 sq. ft. studio flat. As opposed to using screws, the direction taped in the window vent. Brilliant! Together with the wheels, it’s not hard to reposition the path of the air flow in any direction if needed if necessary. I really do need to turn the TV up a little bit when it’s on but it is not noisy. It has a constant blowing noise that does not bother me at all. Great enough cost to buy several for my 3 bedroom two story home so as to not use the costly central.

3.0 from 5 stars Good, But Needs Thermostat Control
ByRetroRich on September 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
I overlooked that this unit does not have thermostat control. . .instead it’s a timer which you can set, till it has turned off and after the timer ends, the unit shuts off, but if you do not set the timer, this unit will run. In addition, do not enjoy the quantity of water this thing expels, you really have to observe the tray, which you need to put behind this unit to be able to grab the water, if you do not keep on top of it, you will have quite the mess. In general, for the price, blows fine and chilly, this particular unit, these are excellent for spot cooling, just like advertised. The exhaust hose is 6″ in diameter.

EdgeStar Extreme Cool 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – Silver
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5.0 out of 5 respite from the heat
Bylinph on May 3, 2017
My bedroom with picture windows is an oven from May to November here in Houston, despite installing blackout drapes. This air conditioner is a godsend. I am not even running it on high, but on moderate speed. I have also got a Vornado fan going to disperse the cool air. At last I could breathe again.

I also have a Global brand portable A/C, 10,000 BTUs. The Edgestar is superior in every single way. Quieter–a pleasant white noise, whereas the Global is so loud that it took me some time to have the ability to sleep. I wish the Global unit was an Edgestar too.

3.0 from 5 stars Window kind place makes a difference
ByMatt on June 4, 2017
Verified Purchase
Unit does a good job heating and is quite quiet. A package arrived in good shape with the unit.
Couple installation/ operational drawbacks – it needs to be near a window due to brief exhaust hose, and you can not adjust the path of this air coming out. The kit is only compatible with one included extension bit when installing vertically. So if you have horizontal slider windows such as me you’ll need to rig something to seal the window height that is complete.
Seller (Compact Appliance) decreased the cost by $20 a few days after I purchased, but would not credit me the difference when I asked.

3.0 from 5 stars Expected a better “trendy”
ByLaura Woodringon July 5, 2017
Verified Purchase
Strong construction. Packaging was a breeze I was impressed. Once you cut off the straps, the box lifted off entirely. Did not need to fight pulling it out. It cools, but maybe not a massive place. I have it installed in my bedroom because my area faces the west, So I receive the Austin, TX hot sun the majority of the day. I have blinds I shut around 1 pm. I set the thermostat to 72 plus it can cool down in the day to approximately 75. As explained later on in the day it does its job. Without having to get up from bed, I really like the remote, you can shut it down. Not disappointed, but anticipated it to cool down far better than it does. Setup was super easy, window mount no duct tape needed, fit cozy. A window ac unit dangling out is not tolerable, better than the esthetics from the exterior of the house. The window screen was removed by me after the first day, which seemed to help a little. Unit does sweat, although not in a manner that it drips onto the carpet.

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