Best Food Processor 2014

Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL Review

PROS / It is equipped with a motor.

CONS / It sometimes mashes ingredients, such as cheese, instead of finely shredding them.

VERDICT / The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef uses its strong motor to quickly process all kinds of food with uniformity and few remaining balls of food. Best Food Processor 2014

The Breville Sous Chef (BFP800XL) is one of the strongest of the food processors we reviewed. It was capable of decreasing every type of food but sometimes it over-performed and mashed food rather than just shredding it. This was among the easiest to use and additionally, it proved easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The meeting is made an instinctive process from the design of the processor, and its blades are all easy to both attach and remove for switching between processing forms and components.

This is one of the best food processors due to how easily food is reduced by it into a fully processed condition. It required pulses to reduce cheeses, chop onions and slice potatoes, which makes nubs from the original food we inserted. Its power is very apparent because of its results taking a fraction of the pulse less models required. Without causing them to crumble, it perfectly sliced mushrooms, and it even ground almonds to a ideal flour-like consistency.

This does have the negative effect of sometimes mashing the food it chops, though this top-rated food processor touts a tremendous amount of power using its 1,200-watt motor. For instance, when we shredded cheese, then it cuts through the cheese and then left quite a few chunks of the block. The power of layout and the engine of this disk moved that it mashed the cheddar into a paste rather than into shreds.

This food processor’s total design is very instinctive. It is easy to quickly add or eliminate cutting blades and disks or perhaps completely disassemble the device. The placement of each piece is simple and requires referencing from the guide use or even to build. Cleaning all of the chip’s pieces is similarly simple, but it can be time consuming due to the variety.

Cuisinart DFP-14
PROS / Its blades are flexible to allow for varying levels of thickness when cutting meals.

CONS / The chip cuts a piece of food thinner compared to the thickness.

VERDICT / This food processor combines the power to easily cut, puree or mix a wide range of ingredients.

The Cuisinart Custom 14 (DFP-14BCN) is a highly effective 14-cup food chip that accomplishes near-perfect consequences for a vast range of food. Blades and its design allow you to achieve levels of fineness or thickness when processing food. Although the device touch panel controllers or don’t have features like variable speeds, it outperforms a number of other appliances thanks to its easy and durable design. The single S-blade functions with amazing uniformity, and functions for chopping food such as fruit, cheese and additives.

KitchenAid KFP740CR Description
Food Processor
KFP740CR – 9 Cup, Chrome
9-cup work bowl
Stainless steel multipurpose blade
With multipurpose blade
Large feed tube and pusher
2mm slicing and 4mm shredding disc
Dough Blade
Seamless base wipes clean easily
Warranty Info
1 year hassle free replacement warranty
Warranty not valid when used in commercial environment like restaurant or a bar.

9 cup food processor, 4 cup mini bowl with mini blade, clean touch control pad for easy cleaning, large feed tube and pusher blade processing, dough blade, 2 mm slicing disc, 4 mm shredding disc. Days ships in 14 businees. Warranty not valid when used in commercial surroundings like a bar or restaurant.

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