Best Electric Can Openers

Best Overall: Hamilton Beach 7638OZ Classic

This heavyweight can opener from Hamilton Beach is a leading seller in its own category due to its durability and performance. It features SureCut patented technology that makes sure the can opens to the first try. And moreover opening cans, it also includes a knife sharpening feature! The opener plugs into the walls, but has cord storage to keep it clean and out of sight if you are not using it. And, when it’s time to clean up, you can remove the unit to wash it. Best Electric Can Openers

1 customer referred for a workhorse, capable to open massive and small cans well a word of warning: some had difficulty with it tipping when working together with ones that were oversized. People love the cuts are, how long it lasts, and how easy it’s to use for individuals with stiffness or arthritis in their palms.

BLACK + DECKER SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet Multi-Purpose Can Opener
The BLACK + DECKER SpaceMaker mounts beneath cupboards for regular performance and simple accessibility, freeing up counter space for kitchen tasks. The electricity cutter eliminates can cling with hands on operation. It has a built-in knife sharpener, tote opener, and bottle opener. This can opener will not mount successfully beneath all cupboard types. Ensure that your cabinet has a flat bottom before you make the investment, if you’re considering it for your home.

Best Value: Chef’s Star Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener
Like our funding pick, this one is handheld and it’s also quality while it is more expensive. It requires four AA batteries, which are included with your purchase, and can switch on and open cans of any size with the touch of a button. Because of an innovative side-cutting system, it’ll render the borders smooth so that it’s not just secure, but it can be resold by you . What makes this great especially for those with arthritis and seniors is that it may travel the can round 360 degrees so that you don’t have to spin or turn your hands while operating it.

One client said this is one of the purchases that goes way owing to the great design and functional beyond expectations. Others noted how nice it is to be able to keep it in the drawer. If you’re opening up a lot of cans per day, however, it might not be the best option as you noted that it wore out. But most were happy with the product and would recommend it to others.

Best Design: Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener
Among the sleeker designs available on the industry this stunning brushed stainless steel can opener from Cuisinart cuts and includes. For protection, it has rubber feet so no slipping will occur. The blade and magnetic lid holder are removable which makes cleaning easier.

Clients love that the product is entirely made from metal that is solid with no parts also it appears to be relatively quiet while being used. They state that the headphones are opened by it easily, and cans don’t seem to be a problem for the apparatus to hold. That the product giving out after a couple of years of restricted use was reported by 1 reviewer, but otherwise, customers have been largely happy.

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