Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

Pet hair is most difficult to vacuum as it does not stay in 1 place!

If you’re a pet owner, you understand fur finds its way into all sorts of nooks and crannies around your house, corners, upholstery, stairs, and carpets. Upright vacuums are fantastic for your floors, but are fairly limited in regards to all the areas hair hides. Canister vacuums give you the maneuverability to cause pet hair down! Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair

But it won’t be cut by lots of canister vacuums . Lots of models have weak suction which pulls on pet dirt from carpet fibers, or won’t pull out fur balls from way corners.

A number of them have inadequate hose designs that clog easily, or have carpet heads that get tangled and stuck with hair. With so many brands and models to choose from, it’s hard to understand which canister vacuums are worth your money!

We went searching for the best canister vacuums for pet hair. We have compared dozens of models.

We examined specs, features, and professional reviews in Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, and other publications. We also took the time dissect and to read countless reviews from buyers who have spent some time.

For dealing with pet hair, after compiling our findings, we chose the three best canister vacuums on the market these days.

With this page, you’ll find our in-depth reviews of every one of our hints. We’ll talk you through everything you want to learn about these vacuums, and also help you discover which one is best for you!

1. Here is the successor to the Olympus version, which was one of those favorites.

The C1 is our favorite canister vacuum cleaner for pet owners who have floors.


It is fully adjustable. There are 6 distinct suction settings, so you can adjust the vacuum to every surface you’re cleaning. You are able to turn down suction to wash the hairs off drapes, or turn it all the way up to nab those dust bunnies.

Buyers were amazed by how powerful the Miele was, especially in the higher settings. It’ll not just catch the hair but it is going to suck dander and hair from the cracks between your floorboards!

As it rains it also filters your air. This is ideal for people with allergies, in addition to the rest of those who only want to make sure we trap as many allergens as possible, which makes our homes healthier for people with sensitivities. Miele’s bags are self-sealing, so when you’re altering the bags you won’t discharge any allergens.

The combination floor tool works on low pile, as well as all of your hard flooring and flat woven carpets and area rugs. It has brushes while protecting the finish, to loosening dirt out of the hardwoods. To switch between settings, you just press a footswitch.

Between the power cord and the expansion nozzle, the Miele includes a nearly 30-foot cleaning radius! That makes it effortless to vacuum pet hair as well as without unplugging the vacuum, wash from room to room.

It is ergonomically designed. The canister is balanced, with 3 wheels for better steering. The metallic wand is telescopic, so you may fix it to your own height.

There are a few convenient features, such as automatic cord rewind, for turning off and on the vacuum, and a footswitch. The attachments all store on-board using a convenient clip.

It is much better-built compared to other canister vacuums in this price point. Compared to competitors’ models, the Miele is reassuring, and more sturdy. It’s heavy structure, a stainless steel wand, and rubber wheels that won’t indicate your floors.

Plus, Miele makes their cheapest version in Germany! That means a much higher standard of quality management than other manufacturers (which can be even more costly).

A guarantee on the motor and casing covered it, with 1 year of coverage for the other components.

The build quality suggests that the Miele is simpler compared to the competition. Many reviewers awakened the silent strength of the C1, also stated the reduced noise made it much more pleasant to use than other vacuums they’d owned. A purchaser mentioned that movie and it’s lightweight and easy to transport. It picks up dust and the bonus in the product is that it is very silent.


It can’t handle moderate to deep carpets. Without a brush mind, it helpless on rugs and rugs. It’s really intended for flatter rugs and hard floors.

Even though the C1 filters atmosphere, it doesn’t have HEPA filtration. The more expensive Miele vacuums offer HEPA-grade filtration.

Miele bags are fairly modest, and are expensive to replace. That will add a slight upkeep cost into the C1.

There is 1 caveat to the German build quality. Most Miele’s are made in Germany from beginning to finish. The brand new, cheaper C1 series is assembled in China from German-made parts. That’s why the costs could be so much lower compared to all-German Miele’s. Having used some of those budget models that are hybrid, we can state the build quality is just as excellent.

2. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
The Cinetic Big Ball is Dyson’s top canister vacuum for pet owners.

It is equipped with strong cyclonic suction, and HEPA filtration for reducing airborne pollutants.

We like the attachment set, including a couple of tools specially for dealing with pet hair. The Animal is a good alternative for people with a mixture of floors, who want the convenience of a vacuum.


This canister functions on a chunk layout, and rides on a central steering joint. That means it has a rotation radius. It follows you easily than other canisters and quickly. It has a low center. 1 buyer said that it’s easy to take around in corners and over rugs .

Like the bigger Dyson vacuums, it uses the cyclonic suction. The Big Ball has a lot of layers of cyclones, for a whirlwind within the canister. This generates a lot of power, and sends debris and finer dust away from filters. Since it keeps its strength even when the canister starts getting full, we like cyclonic suction.

There’s also HEPA-grade filtration constructed into the canister. The Big Ball is certified to trap 99 percent of airborne allergens.

The Triggerhead floor application operates on hard floors and carpets. It can be controlled by you . There are two settings for adjusting speed and brush height. Both settings use suction ability to push the brushes. This removes the requirement for a conventional buckle, which may be extremely bothersome to untangle and get unstuck. Previous buyers said the air-driven layout makes this vacuum considerably easier to push.

This version comes with a attachments. There’s an additional, smaller scrubbing brush, which is fantastic for getting pet hair off enclosures, pillows, and upholstery. There is also a mix tool which doubles as a tool and dusting brush. Ultimately, there’s a stair tool that has a compact mind to match on every step.

It is bagless. That means there are no maintenance costs! The ball design also allows for pet hair, dust and more dirt in the room than many bagged models. The dust bin pops over the trash.

A 5-year warranty covered it.


The Triggerhead instrument is air-powered. That means it doesn’t do quite well on carpets or thicker rugs. Buyers stated that while it has the capability to take care of deep carpets, it ends up becoming bogged down. It does not really dig in or pull together itself as far as it should.

Since you cannot shut the brushes off the Big Ball is not the best choice for individuals with delicate hardwoods.

It’s all plastic. For such an expensive vacuum cleaner, it’s fairly cheaply made.

Some prior buyers pointed out that emptying the beagles chamber defeats the function of the HEPA filtration. Dyson recommends emptying the dust room into a different garbage bag, so you can keep dust.

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