Best Blender For Protein Shakes

Before Choosing the blender to Get protein shakes, here are a couple factors to Think about:
1. Power

If you only want to mix basic replacements (powder with fluids) then you will be fine using a low powered blender with at least 200 watts. If you would like to have more variety of components on your protein shakes such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, or ice cubes you will need a blender that is stronger to perform a decent job. Best Blender For Protein Shakes

2. Cup Size

For protein shakes, a great deal of people find since they are simple to clean and store that blenders work. Blenders are also suitable since you can drink right from the blender jar.

A full-size countertop blender makes more sense if you need a blender than can carry out a wider variety of mixing jobs or want portions.

For blending jar size, is it relative to this blender’s power. A powered blender generally will get a smaller cup size and a top speed blender can have jars which get around 50 ounces.

To get a blender you will see jar dimensions and countertop blender in the low-40ounces.

1. Oster My Blend — Low cost Top Pick
The Oster My Blend is a fundamental 250 watt single-serve blender that will work for blending nutritional supplements that are simple, good.

It has a 250 watt motor with simple controller. The mixing jar is in fact a 20ounce BPA-free sport bottle so that you can mix and take your drink.

Positives: It is cheap and has positive feedback with over 3000 reviews. Easy to use and it works.

Negatives: It is for parts. There are some reviews that stated it struggled with ice.

Overall Opinion: A great compact blender for the price that works good for simple protein shakes and blending tasks. Perfect if you want a travel blender. The Oster My Blend is the best blender for protein shakes in the event that you want a low cost choice.

2. Nutribullet 600 — Versatile Compact Blender
The Nutribullet 600 is an upgrade to its Magic Bullet blender and can be stronger than the Oster My Blend with 600 g and supplies dice accessories so you can mix, and grind grains.

Has a 24oz capacity and with extra cups and a blade for milling. The jars come with lids so that you can take your mixed drink on the go without needing to wash an excess pitcher.

The positives: Works very nicely and can do the basic food prep, create food smoothies, make nut butter, and grind bread or seeds. It easily blends seeds and ingredients that are difficult together. The Nutribullet 600 will survive more than a cheap blender.

Negatives: More expensive than the Oster My Blend and also might be more than you need if all you want is a fundamental protein shake blender.

Overall Opinion: If you desire shakes but also makes a selection of smoothies that are healthy the Nutribullet is a good choice. It may blend any component that you put into it and won’t overheat like cheaper blenders.

3. Nutri Ninja Pro — Most electricity for the Price
Like the Nutribullet 600, the Nutri Ninja Pro is another private blender.

It has a 24 ounce jar capability and 900 watts. It includes a 18oz jar plus a jar. Each jar comes with flip top lids.

The positives: the Nutri Ninja Pro has been a bestseller and is perfect if you would like a straightforward but powerful blender. It can blend. Very reviews and lower cost than the Nutribullet 600. Nicely prices for the power that it delivers.

Negatives: I really don’t like that you have to hold down the jar during the entire blending cycle (usually 30-45seconds) versus Nutribullet will combine hands-free.

Overall Opinion: It has 1000’s of reviews that are strong and provides great performance for the price. It is priced less than Nutribullet 600 but has more power. I personally prefer the Nutribullet’s hands-free performance however, the Ninja is quite common.

A good alternative if you would like to make healthful smoothies as well as protein shakes.

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