Best Blender For Crushing Ice

What Makes a Good Ice Crushing Blender?

1. Powerful Motor

A good ice crusher blender should normally have a motor electricity with at least 500 watts of mixing horsepower. The ice creates a good deal of friction and requires horsepower (torque) to smash ice without overheating the engine. Ice inconsistency or quickly burnout might crush. Best Blender For Crushing Ice

2. Blade Design

Blades must be made to handle the effect of crushing ice and also have a strong blade assembly to. Some brands like Ninja have blades that function well with ice. Brands such as Blendtec use a dull blade design versus blenders use sharp blades and both perform well.

3. Heavy-duty Pitcher

Ice crushing can cause a lot of impact. To avoid this, ensure you purchase a blender that allows ice crushing (some especially say they’re not for crushing ice). The pitcher should be made from impact resistant glass, heavy polycarbonate or copolyester (Tritan copolyester is the industry standard plastic used by leading blender brands).

Reviews and Top Picks
Many blenders are effective at processing ice. But I’ve picked a couple of my favorites which means you’re sure to get!

Vitamix 5200? – Our Top Pick
The Vitamix is a heavy duty blender and can manage anything edible, so it’s sure to be around this challenge of breaking ice hockey!

The Vitamix is one of the higher-priced blenders on our listing, but if you are ready and willing to drop a little money, we have found it to be well worthwhile !?
Top rated high heeled blender.
Copolyester jar that is durable is BPA-free will not be ruined by ice cubes
High-power motor and blade gathering are well up to the challenge of ice or frozen fruit.
Controller and heartbeat offer wide Array of rates for a Number of textures
Higher prices than some other versions reviewed.
Manual controls do not allow for hands-free mixing.

Blendtec Designer
The Blendtec Designer is the Cadillac of all blenders! Its powerful motor, advanced “wild-side” jar and cold-forged blade assembly make it exceptionally functional.

The Blendtec is also loaded with impressive and useful features including pre-settings and touchscreen controllers for everything from icy drinks to foods.

Several reputable reviewers have noticed it as being for ice.
Has an ice crush presenting!
Durable BPA-free jar will not be damaged by ice.
Wingtip blades are durable and built to last.
Tons of devastating power under the hood using a 1560-watt.
Does not possess a temper (but we found it unnecessary with this blender)
Slightly louder than Vitamix and other high-performance blenders

Oster Reverse Crush Blender
The Oster is a great alternative if you’re looking for a more moderately priced blender that crushes ice hockey.

It’s not quite as powerful as the Vitamix or even Blendtec, but is still to to the task of processing ice hockey and making ice-cold drinks. ?
Excellent Price
Ice can be handled by 6-cup glass jar and can be dishwasher-safe
Stainless Steel 6-blade assembly is durable enough for ice hockey hockey.
Blade technology keeps blade from becoming jammed.
The motor isn’t up for recipes like nut butters.
The glass jar is heavier than alternatives.

Breville Boss Superblender
The Breville Boss Superblender BBL910XL stands up well to its rivals, and has been rated by test kitchens as being the very best ice cream maker compared to this Blendtec and Vitamix.

The Breville actually has two settings, one for fruit juices and also one for green smoothies, so is perfect for smoothies!
Has two settings so is Ideal for making drinks
2HP motor is powerful enough for tackling ice hockey
Reinforced polymer jar is lightweight and durable
The warranty doesn’t step up to other blenders
The motor is not as successful as other high-end blenders

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