Bagless Canister Vacuum Reviews

Kenmore 10701 Review

PROS / This vacuum is mild enough which it can be carried by you while you vacuum.

CONS / The dust cup is difficult to wash.

VERDICT / The Kenmore 10701 is incredibly lightweight for a budget vacuum cleaner; however, the motor lacks power, and this vacuum cleaner has trouble with tough jobs like pet hair. Bagless Canister Vacuum Reviews

The Kenmore 10701 budget vacuum is a mild 9.5 lbs, which makes it among the very few affordable vacuums on our lineup that is comfy enough to take with you as you clean. This budget vacuum has weak suction, has trouble picking up pet hair, and also also the dust cup is hard to clean. For something with suction, consider the Shark Navigator.

This vacuum has bristles from the vacuum head which are thought to dislodge dirt out of carpets and carpets, however, indistinct tests where we distribute flour and kitty litter on low-pile and medium-pile carpeting, a great deal of debris was left behind. Before it was adequately clean, we had to maneuver several times. If you own a dog or a cat that sheds, because in our tests, it fought picking up pet 28, we do not advise this budget vacuum.

The best thing about the Kenmore 10701 is its portability. It is mild to get a capacity canister vac and takes up space in your closet. The big wheels on the bottom move with you. The canister is bagless, meaning you won’t spend money however the dust cup is hard to clean. Heavy within the cup and debris will adhere to the walls, although the cup clips off so you can empty it.

Is the power cord that is short. The cable is only 16 feet, which is nearly 10 feet less than the best budget vacuums in our lineup. It’s loud, although not as loud as most powerful vacuums.

Sears, which sells Kenmore goods, doesn’t offer a lot of online support. You can call Sears weekdays, and you are able to e-mail them too (they generally respond in 24 hours). The company doesn’t offer any neighborhood support or FAQs, also there is not live chat available online. Kenmore offers a normal one-year warranty on maintenance and parts. In case service is needed by your vacuum, it is possible to take it to the Sears store in your area.

Bissell OptiClean Compact Canister Vac 1535 Review
PROS / The dust cup uses cyclonic technology, making it effortless to eliminate dirt and debris.

CONS / The canister foundation has restricted freedom.

VERDICT / The Bissell OptiClean is lightweight and simple to store, but it didn’t remove pet hair and dander.

The Bissell OptiClean Compact Canister Vacuum 1535 is a funding model that uses cyclonic technology until it’s emptied from the dust cup, to split dust up. This makes emptying the dust cup and helps eliminate pollutants in the air a cinch. Its motor was decent, but with jobs as well as carpeting, this funding vacuum fought in our tests.

We tested this vacuum on both the medium-pile and low-pile carpet. The Bissell left the carpet spotless, but it required several moves. For bigger messes and hair, it didn’t function as well as the very best budget vacuums within our lineup. The vacuum couldn’t pick up embedded pet hairs that are many and lack suction. This is not the ideal choice for a budget vacuum.

The Bissell OptiClean was among the vacuums to transport and store. The canister is small, and the vacuum weighs just 8 lbs, making it among the vacuums within our lineup. (The Eureka AS One also weighed 8 pounds.) A grip on top of the canister makes carrying the vacuum cleaner more comfy. Despite its light weight, the canister does not move. The wheels have difficulty and we fought with the nozzle to find the canister to maneuver from the path.

This really is. A light indicates when the bin is full, and it’s not tough to detach the dust cup. Dirt and debris are broken up into smaller pieces during vacuuming, which makes it fall right out of the cup and to the garbage.

The best thing about this vacuum is how silent it is. The OptiClean was the most quiet version we tested. The sound level of this vacuum is reasonable, although vacuums are among the appliances that you function in your house.

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